Kiera Austin warns large import numbers in Super Netball will hurt Diamonds

Kiera Austin warns large import numbers in Super Netball will hurt Diamonds2020-02-23T04:24:55+10:00
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        Unable to view.

        But, she is correct. Austin will most likely be playing WA because the captain is an Import at GA (Bassett at GS)
        Kumwenda (Retired Thwaites)
        Venter and Aiken
        Wallace and Housby

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          Yip, and imagine if Netball NZ allowed all it’s players to play over there (full time)

          There would prob be another 10 or more Australian’s parking up on the bench sitting twiddling their thumbs.

          I’m sure clubs would love Ekenasio, Burger, Rore, Watson, etc, etc playing for them.

          I find it funny that Netball Aus sacked Lisa A for not winning the WC, but have no issue allowing whoever from wherever, to play the SSN, as it helps other countries get better.

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            Guessing they may re-evaluate when they finally lose their number 1 status.

            So many talented players being pushed aside by imports. Some will never get the opportunity to reach their potential as there’s just no room for them in a team of 10.

            Of more interest is the fact that Austin has made these statements to the media( not that I can read the full article). Unusual for players to break the “cone of silence” and criticising the league they play in.

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              I can’t view the article either but as I’ve said in a different thread NA need to decide what is more important, the monies produced by SSN or winning international titles ??

              Austin probably sees herself as the successor to Cbass (and why shouldn’t she) but sitting on the bench or playing WA isn’t going to help.
              then again neither is have a timeouts during quarters, having rolling subs, bonus points and 2 point shots :-!

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                Good point. It will be interesting to see who the new diamonds coach selects in the squad. There def needs to be more GS/GAs the next generation. Grets and probs Wood have the GA bib sewn up, with Tegs floating around. But with Thwaites now gone I’d really like to see Garbin and Konen developed in the squad….. who else is there? I guess that’s the point of the article lol

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                  Austin is not stuck on the bench/out of position because of the import rule, it’s because of her unwillingness to move. Jo Harten is the Giant’s only import and there is no way SSN is going to have absolutely no imports. There are also plenty of teams (Firebirds, Fever, Thunderbirds, Magpies come to mind) where she would almost certainly be starting 7. The only upcoming Diamonds prospect who I really think has been a victim of the rule is Garbin, and even then I think playing with Housby and Wallace has helped her game so much and she wouldn’t be the player she is if it wasn’t for them.

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                    After Pettitt retired in 2018, Austin probably saw herself getting a starting 7 spot with Harten playing GS. But then Fitzgerald made the big move to sign Cbass. Giants struggled in attack last year. Harten and Bass took a long time to get used to each other. One of Sharni’s NNP articles said that the moving circle of Pettitt and Harten worked well for them in 2017 and 2018. But they struggled in 2019 because with the holding shooter they were having the same game plan as other teams which defenders know how to play against very well.

                    Austin played well whenever she came on (even at WA) but I wood love it if JF could utilize her more. Wonder if she thought about moving. Tbirds’ shooting cirls has been struggling for a few years. Austin and Glasgow played for NWYC together, they could combine well. Also with Nat out, Magpies might have a spot open soon.

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                      I think Austin needed to move this season and I don’t know if she truly believes she will get cour time this season or if she is simply unwilling to move. I think her, Koenan, Garbin, and Glasgow are the future. If Glasgow can make a nice comeback midway through this season, I would not be surprised to see her included in the squad alongside Koenan.

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                        I can’t read the article (would be great if someone could summarise) but I don’t think imports are the issue for Austin. I agree it’s her reluctance to move. She give me similar vibes to Kaylia Stanton. She isn’t on the bench because Jo Harten is playing. She is on the bench because when Susan Petitt retired JFitz didn’t see her as starting 7. If she wanted to be a starting 7 player which surely you understand you wouldn’t be starting ahead of Jo and Cbass, then she should have looked to move. So her lack of court time is going to affect her performance not the import player, if she was selected for diamonds and that is the decision her coach has made. Her coach that could potentially (outside chance) be the next diamonds coach.

                        I feel bad for her as it must have been tough to see Cbass come in but it’s at that point you look around for other opportunities, if not last year, surely this year? Maybe she is holding out for Cbass to retire at the end of this season.

                        In the vitality superleague you can’t have two imports in an area so that would stop the Housby and Wallace partnership. On that note I really think Garbin proved herself and I’d love to see her more this year.

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                          If ATN can start, Austin is doing something wrong…… I agree with the comments above RELOCATE!

                          Jenny Sinclair
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                            I didn’t understand Austin signing a 3 year contract knowing that CBass and Harten were also in the side. As others have pointed out, there were other sides where she’d almost certainly be a starting player either now or in a year’s time.
                            The other point of having strong competition is that it pushes players to improve across all metrics.

                            Cara Koenan has improved her game to the point where she’s taking court time from Proscovia or Wood at times, so it is possible.

                            I understand that it’s frustrating for young players but a starting position isn’t theirs by right – they have to earn it, and if that means moving, so be it. No different in many other codes. Sharni Layton and Erin Bell are two classic examples of players who sat on the bench for many years, shifted, and eventually made the Diamonds.

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                              I don’t think imports are the issue – does she think that as she’s Australian she is entitled to that starting 7 position?
                              The aim of the game is to win and the fact that a GS is playing GA over her should maybe make her realise that she isn’t quite starting 7 yet. Import or not.

                              All the players train the same so Harten is obviously the preferred choice. I do think JH is better on court with her defence though. Austin tends to go missing so if I can see it, surely JFitz can.

                              Like others had said there are countless teams that she could have gone to, especially with NM pregnant but she has chosen to stay behind CBass and JH. Not really sure what she was expecting.

                              As someone else has said, do you want the best league in the world with all the best players or do you want a Diamonds feeder squad?

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                                Does she have any New Zealand links, because she could do what Ekenasio did. Got sick of sitting on the Firebirds bench, took a chance and moved to NZ, and boom the rest is history.

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