Lisa Alexander: ‘There’s always hurt when people are moved on’

Lisa Alexander: ‘There’s always hurt when people are moved on’2021-09-13T20:06:17+10:00

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        Reading this article and the other article on this site (which are both well written), when talking about her 81% win rate, there seems to be this underlying implication that Lisa was somehow ‘wronged’ when she lost the Diamonds’ coaching gig.

        After all:
        – She coached a losing CWG side
        – She coached a losing World Cup side
        – The substitutions she made in the CWG final were chaotic, but no it was NZ’s fault for not giving them a tougher semi
        – It was arrogant to not play their strongest 7 against South Africa in the World Cup semi, which almost backfired!
        – She often mentioned the lack of caps between the Diamonds and Ferns at the World Cup, but she did preside over many caps exiting the side, such as Medhurst (which I think was too early), Geitz and Pettit

        I say this as someone who thought it was a mistake to let her go! However, if anyone thinks she was ‘robbed’, I would say her continuing in that role was HIGHLY contestable. She often wanted to emulate the All Blacks – I don’t know if they would put up with two pinnacle losses either…

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          I completely agree with these observations Museboy. I would also add that she was put in charge of what was already a highly successful program, with an enormous amount of talent (which as you say may have been prematurely moved on) and when some of the issues you mention are viewed in this light I certainly don’t think she was wronged. It was time to consider change.

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            Even though Lisa A won the 2019 Con Cup (on goal %). Her fate was sealed when the Diamonds lost to the 4th ranked Ferns at the world cup. Poor selections, not taking a specialist WD, playing Liz Watson at C. Circle defenders who were clueless to the Ferns very moving shooting circle.

            Yes it was just 1 goal, but the Diamonds never looked like winning the final. Out played and most certainly out coached.

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              LA did an amazing job of finding and establishing an unbeatable attack end (CBass/Medhurst/Browne/Rav), but as soon as that started to unravel she wasn’t able to find the right balance in her squad. Rav’s form dissipated, Browne had so many injury concerns, and then she ended up pushing out Medhurst. She also kept Pettitt out of the Diamonds during arguably her best years (only to bring her in when she played WA for the Giants) and started making very strange substitutions during close matches. It was time for a change.

              I don’t think the Diamonds losing to NZL in the NWC was that terrible, in my opinion the Diamonds were lucky to get the Silver over England with the way they were playing throughout the event. But with the way they dominated the CWG event, that silver in 2018 was really the beginning of the end.

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