Liz Ellis – Salary cap breaches a dark cloud over Super Netball season

Liz Ellis – Salary cap breaches a dark cloud over Super Netball season2021-06-11T12:47:32+10:00
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        Very very good article – glad Liz used the ‘ch’ word.

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          It really does make the whole Medhurst getting dumped for ATN situation so much clearer. I doubt we’d ever find out, but I wonder how much of the money was just going straight to Fowler. There were hardly any players in that line in 2018/2019 who would have been commanding high pay. I wouldn’t be surprised if she was taking home almost half of the breached figure.

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            This was an incredible article, absolutely love how she covered all angles of this.

            Some key points (these are quotes but I couldn’t be bothered formatting it properly):
            While they self-reported a small breach, they did not self-report the whole thing.

            The cheating was deliberate and systematic.

            It’s also unfair on every team beaten by Fever in 2018 and 2019, not least the Giants who were denied a grand final appearance in 2018 by a club that was cheating the system.

            And it is incredibly unfair on the West Coast Fever players and coaches who are the public faces of a mistake made by faceless administrators who have never been publicly held to account for their decisions. The real question is why were the people who made these decisions protected by the club?

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              I can’t read it (tried to speed read). But Fowler would have been on some good $$ at the Steel. And apart from Courtney Bruce, they had no other Diamond in 2019. So who was getting the massive payments??. Sure Fowler is good, but Fever haven’t won the SSN, and she has been there since 2018.

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                My memory on the months past of new articles was that the breach was the “extras” – cars, rent, part-time jobs somehow tied up with the club.
                As far as who of the players would have unknowingly benefitted, obviously A LOT of money (And extras) would have been thrown at Fowler. Bruce would also be on a good deal. I reckon Anstiss would be more highly paid than most would expect – wasn’t 2017 or 2018 her “breakout” year? She did have a great year so Fever probably paid well to keep her. I also reckon that Charles and Francis-Bayman would be paid more than the team average.

                Without naming names, the closet the West Australian came to pin-pointing the culprits was when they reported on two high level administrators leaving the club abruptly and unexpectedly just prior to the investigation. One (at least) landed a high level job with WAFL or West Coast Eagles (I forget which).

                That said, if cars were part of the salary cap breaches they need to take some lessons from other clubs e.g. Vixens players sponsored by and driving around in Mercedes/VW/other brands. I guess that’s the difference between private sponsorships and cars provided by the club.

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