Liz Ellis – Who are most likely to shine for the Diamonds

Liz Ellis – Who are most likely to shine for the Diamonds2021-07-17T17:13:13+10:00
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  • worsie
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      And awaiting Liz Watson’s return, who would be captain?

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        At the beginning of the season I was sold on Dwyer and Glasgow but Glasgow’s form has dropped off and Garbin is really a much better GS than Dwyer. It’s interesting to see McAuliffe and Browne suggested by Liz, I wouldn’t even have them in my squad. Weston still throws away so much ball and has been prone to do it even more at Diamonds level, plus I would like to see SSN combinations used for the Diamonds.

        Koenen, Bueta, Wood, Garbin
        Proud, Hadley, Ravaillion, Brazill
        Bruce, Klau, Aryang, Turner

        Starting 7

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          I wouldve said Glasgow for that fourth spot a few weeks ago but I think Garbin has shown what she can do as a specialist GS(I still really rate Glasgow as a moving shooter). My picks would be

          Bueta, Garbin, Koenan, Wood
          Hadley, Proud, Price, Parmenter
          Aryang, Bruce, Klau, Weston

          Id have Cbass, Glasgow and Dwan in the squad, Dwyer is still very green and will no doubt learn a lot over the next few seasons.
          Midcourters who could be in the squad for me are Browne, Rav, Moloney and Braz. The defenders in the wider squad would be Brandley, should she want to play internationally and Turner.

          Its crazy to think that Australia still has Austin and Watson to come back before CWG(if they go ahead). Its very exciting, hopefully Stacey can put in the right people and game plan.

          Andrew Kennedy
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            It’s an interesting article but I don’t agree with two key things. Dwyer is third In the entire competition for turnovers and we simply can’t select her so green and costly. Definitely put her in a squad though. Tough call here overall as Garbin has had so few minutes.

            NB Bueta, Price, Browne, and Wood also have oodles of turnovers.

            Second, I absolutely can’t see McAuliffe being selected, despite a good season.

            I agree with others that Rav and Brandley should be in the mix but probably aren’t interested. Rav is consistent and low on turnovers. I would pick her for sure. Brandley started the season amazing and is still dominant enough, would get a spot over Aryang and Turner due to her experience.

            My 12

            Koenen Bueta Wood Wallam
            Hadley Proud Price Anstiss
            Weston Aryang Bruce Klau

            Given Wallam won’t be selected I will go with Bassett, but this will be her last year. Remember that both Wood and Koenen can play with Bassett

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              My Con Cup squad would be:

              Bueta Dwan Garbin Koenan Wood
              Hadley (vc) Hay Proud Price Simpson (vc)
              Bruce Klau Weston (captain) – then two of Aryang/Hinchliffe/Jenner/Turner

              It’s not like the Con Cup squad have to go to the Commonwealth Games, but I think players like Dwan/Garbin/Proud/Hay/Aryang/Hinchliffe/Jenner/Turner all need some international exposure and to build some connection in case one is brought in mid-cycle.

              No Bassett – already has a lot of international experience, sitting out one test series to help knee issues.

              No Browne – I think the attacking connection between Proud/Hadley & Price/Hay provides for a solid line. Hadley & Hay have played state rep/a bit of time at the Swifts together.

              No Brandley, Charles, Ravallion or Scherian – I think if all are still performing next season they could/should be selected for CG/WC and this series should be more for developing playing stock post Cape Town 2023.

              No Anstiss, Parmenter – Opposite to the above, I think both of these players will build into a great international career, however I don’t think our overly talented midcourt currently has the space. Eventually when Watson is back, and with some experience given to Hay and Proud, Parmy will get her debut.

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