MVP of tournaments – history and speculation

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      Hi all! Just wondering, as far as I know there is no such thing as an MVP for Commonwealth Games… so, time for some speculation?

      Who was the MVP for NWC 2015 in Sydney (and in any other tournaments that people remember)? I remember in 2011 (Singapore) it was Erin Burger of South Africa. I even picked that she would get it, as the complete stand-out player on her team that finished 5th. These days I think none of the SA players could win an MVP for a whole tournament because they are all so even that they’d take points off each other.

      Anyway, I’m not sure if Ian or the committee have an MVP or a tipping comp planned for Comm Games, but who does everyone think would be the MVP if it existed?

      Liz Watson has been belting it of late, she’d be right up there for me, however, Aussies always suffer in scoring points due to the rotation and rest and combination-testing policy. Meanwhile, Guthrie would have a fair shake, she’s probably more of a stand-out than Watson in the context of her team, and she might see more minutes than almost all other midcourt players apart from Simpson and Burger.

      I think Kumwenda might have a shot, simply because of her stature within the team and the number of minutes she will play.

      What does everyone think?

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