Netball Australia on brink of collapse

Netball Australia on brink of collapse2022-06-16T22:51:11+10:00
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  • netballgirl
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      Does someone have Elon Musks number? Maybe he can bail our sport out ?

      On a serious note, the problem started with the ch9 broadcast deal, from memory I remember them saying they were actually loosing money. Maybe ch9 took all the earnings? Also they need to book smaller stadiums, for example magpies can’t fill a stadium. We’ve been to a couple of the games and the stadium is only 10% full.
      Victorian games should be played at the netball state hockey centre, unless for finals or the Melbourne Darby.

      They could probably do the same for Sydney, smaller stadiums can help bring necessary cashflow.
      Players may also need to take a slight pay cut unfortunately.

      Siouxsie Que
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        Please, no to gambling. There have to be other options eg a sports connected brand, health food brand, Apple/Samsung, a coffee/hot chocolate/chai brand, even a social media company? This is bigger than just SSN and televised netball – netball is played by so many, including social mixed comps. Surely they can find partners who would want to target those who play and the parent’s who make the trek every Saturday to watch their kids play netball (and also to training)? I’m just using this as an example, Boost have set up a cart at our local netball. A company like that could get a lot of exposure. There could be other companies who have a product that could set up ‘pop up shops’. There is a big market ripe for exposure.

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          Interesting article in The Age today about many AFL clubs thinking the AFL had gone too far with gambling advertising in AFL Forums and website and during broadcasts.

          I know heaps of people who’ve stopped following the footy given the amount of gambling advertising at the games and during TV broadcasts.

          Addiction to pokies causes devastation to people’s lives. People argue they contribute to communities..sure, but they also take away.

          Here’s one example

          The Fairfield local government area, which the Australian Bureau of Statistics ranks as Sydney’s most disadvantaged community. In the 2015–16 financial year, this community is estimated to have lost $681,219,755 playing poker machines. The average Fairfield resident lost $4,171; the average salary here is $39,936.

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