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      When it comes to sport, innovation is one of the most important factors that contributes to its growth.

      It can be seen in the growth of numbers through participation (players, coaches, umpires and administrators), the level of professionalism within the sport and also the financial support that comes from key sponsors and stakeholders.

      With technology at the forefront of almost all innovative ideas, the team at Inspire Sports Group along with their sister company Inspire Sports Media have developed a brand-new software program called NetballSelect. It is set to revolutionise the process that clubs and players go through when it comes to running and participating in netball selections for their chosen club.

      The landscape of netball selections currently sees volunteers from across the world of netball invest in some cases 50+ hours of their time to ensure a club can run their selections event.

      Everything from taking down players details including their personal details and their 1st and 2nd positional preferences, collecting money and providing hand written receipts, collating all the registration information and then having to sift through piles of paperwork just to make sure players are evenly put into game runs across the event – it’s a nightmate!

      NetballSelect does all the above and it’s as simple as a click of the button. So how does it work?


      Step 1: Clubs create a profile on the NetballSelect database.

      Step 2: Clubs create an event with the ability to list all the following details:
      i) Event Date and Time
      ii) Venue
      iii) Individual game length in minutes
      iv) Break time between games
      v) Number of courts being used
      vi) Nominated registration fee

      Step 3: Advertise their event link on their website and social media or at their local club/association.

      Step 4: Players create a profile and Register for their chosen club’s event.

      Step 5: Clubs then ‘close’ their event (recommended at least 24-48 hours prior to the event to ensure players receive their individual reports in time).


      The next part is where NetballSelect works all of its magic. Clubs are asked to ‘finalise’ their event which will take them through to the payments section. This is completely automated and will show clubs the amount that is to be paid back to the club and to NetballSelect. Once the payment section has been completed, NetballSelect will run a sequence of reports:

      Report 1: Master List of all players registered (name, date of birth, 1st and 2nd preference)

      Report 2: Area Specific Reports (Attacking, Midcourt and Defensive Areas)

      Report 3: Individual Player Report (this shows which game, court, position and bib colour a player has been allocated across the event – this is also emailed out to players directly prior to the event)

      Report 4: The Game Runs (NetballSelect calculates the amount of games possible based on the event details entered by the club ie game length and break times, then allocates every player into positions based on their 1st and 2nd preference). This report is then used by selectors to take their notes on individual players throughout the event.

      All clubs need to do now is press Print!


      In summary…

      What does this mean for clubs?
      • Clubs can run a highly professional event based on all of the reports that NetballSelect produce.
      • Clubs can cover the costs of their umpires and court hire based on their nominated registration fee.
      • They can prepare the registered players without having to do any extra work, in turn lifting the standards across the event

      What does this mean for players?
      • It removes all uncertainty around how many games they will be playing and what positions they will be playing in before they get to the event
      • For players that experience heightened nerves through this process, the ability to prepare before the trials will hopefully ease some of these nerves and allow them to play of a higher standard.

      What does this mean for netball?
      Netball is in a very exciting place in Australia and around the world with the introduction of the new Suncorp Super Netball competition. However we still have a way to go to compete with some of our cross-code rivals in AFLW and basketball.

      By lifting the professionalism of netball events at grassroots and representative level, and adding to the club experience as well as the player experience we can continue to promote netball and its professionalism to new players, new coaches, new administrators and new sponsors.


      What are the costs?

      Player costs: The player costs are based on what the club sets when they create their event. The minimum cost will always be $5.

      Club costs: The club costs are based on the number of players that register for their event. In most cases it works out to be $1 per player.


      Why wait?

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