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      The Beauty of not looking like the mum of a certain player is I overhear many conversations

      and at CWG Gold Coast I heard a ‘beaut’ . It made so much sense so I’m going to share it.

      I do have huge respect for Molly Rhône Head of IFN and I’ve seen how she is held in high regard by her fellow sporting piers colleagues out there in the Policitcal world of Sport.

      BUT as this person commented she has been in position for 20 years and Netball hasn’t broken into the ELITE respected status of sport it’s still very much on the fringes even though it involves a large majority of the WORLDS FEMALE sports players (well at least within the Common Wealth)

      so this person suggested ‘scrub’ Fast5 and instead within the 4 year cycle of Netball:

      1 year CWG

      following year World CUP

      make the 3rd year a WORLD LEAGUE tourney and invite instead of the top 8 ranked countries have those sitting between 9 and 18: 10 teams and then invite 2 others from let’s say USA & maybe Argentina or India as guests to make 2 pools of 6 teams.

      Make it a WORLD event which will then attract those nations who have the finances and even those who don’t but stand a bloody good chance of winning into the affray.

      It then gives these teams a chance to perform and have at least a year out before the next CWG to prepare and possibly qualify.

      FORGET FAST 5 especially as it only involves the TOP 6 Nations let’s target the other nations: Africa is the most obvious continent that comes to mind but look at Expat communities in South America and dare I say it UAE, ( shit they have a huge expat CW community and the finances to support a WORLD LEAGUE comp.

      Let’s be realistic here Netball is never going to make the OLYMPICS it’s an ALL FEMALE Sport.

      Happy to be shot down BUT I thought F..k why has no one come up with this idea or have they and it’s been swept under the carpet.


      ☀️⚡️???????? and ???fan of NETBALL

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