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  • moooz
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      I actually don’t think it’s Semple that the Magic don’t want.

      Nesian’s comment “the Magic don’t want the other shooter that they signed anymore“ makes it sound like they have signed Bassett, Semple, plus a third shooter and this is who they are trying to get rid of.

      Just a thought.

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        moooz yes I can understand that.

        The ANZP rules only allow 1 import right?

        If yes then I’m guessing the shooter was/is Joyce M.

        BUT :scratch: :scratch: But having said all of that Nesian said “superleague” and I assumed UK. Semple is the only Kiwi shooter that I know if. SSN consider themselves a netball superleague too could it be some from across the ditch who hasn’t had any or very little SSN court time? similar to Woolf :unsure:

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          sorry Woulf

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            Thanks for the information Nesian.

            Dunn, regarding fitness, is finger tips away from making the SF. I feel like she is at the best place to meet the requirements.

            Why wouldn’t CBass choose to go somewhere that appreciates her style of netball? And where she can hone her skills for the international game.

            Be interesting to see who are the other unnamed shooters for both teams.

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              Only other Kiwi shooter in the Superleague I could think of is Tamsin Moala, however a quick Google lists her as a “former Superleague player” on her LinkedIn.

              A look on Instagram has Semple back in NZ, so money is on her being in Magic’s sights – surely. Hope they retain Williams because she has lots of ‘p’ IMO.

              I did think of Suncorp too Jinxibo, but was stumped. Unless there’s someone we don’t know with hidden Kiwi roots/links. And remember Woulf has signed with the Steel, pending clearance on her eligibility.

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                Thanks WeWood, have to admit I thought Moala was Australian, can’t think why.

                I’ve done some checking too and Megan Craig, I called her Dean somewhere in this thread, is listed as playing for Peninsula Waves! Could she return ???

                Karen Petunia
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                  Pulse to release shooters tomorrow 4pm NZT.
                  Ekanasio, Dunn, and previous veteran Te Amo.

                  They most definitely don’t want Mclean – that’s the obvious choice and if so team announcement would’ve been released long LONG time ago.

                  Pulse still the team to beat…. BuT fOr hOw lOnG???? give it 2 years before they’re gonna need a whole new rebuild.

                  sip sip sip

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                    Thank you.

                    Not sure about Te-Amo – she’s a handy bench player but surely there’s another young gun who could use the court time? Although I guess you don’t want to rush them too early.

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                      Te Amo? Blast from the past. Hasn’t been involved in Beko for the last 4 years or so. Strange choice if it is true.

                      Surely McPhee or McLean would be a better fit

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                        Yeah. I think Te Amo last played for the Pulse 4 years ago but she has played for Wellington as recently as a few weeks ago. She’s someone who is quite happy to sit on the bench all season but if she is needed she is always ready to play and nothing much phases her. I thought with the Magic confirming their team that the Pulse would follow, maybe they are too busy in the national camps?

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                          Why have the pulse still not announced their shooters?? anyone know

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                            Maybe Ekenasio is having another child.

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                              Te Amo is a very underwhelming option for Pulse. But she will give Dunn or Eke a break on the bench when they’re ahead.

                              Avatar photoIan Harkin
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                                  Pulse announced Dunn, Ekenasio and Amaru-Tibble. Obviously Dunn and Eke first choice so seems a bit odd to sign Amaru-Tibble as would be an up and comer but I really like the Pulse team this year

                                  I’m guessing line up will be Dunn, Eke, Souness, Gordon, Kersten, Rore, Jury – will be good to see Kersten back at WD and will improve her Ferns chances I think

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