NNZ looking for a new head coach – Taurua to reapply

NNZ looking for a new head coach – Taurua to reapply2024-02-15T10:04:30+10:00


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      TB, I saw a comment on X saying some Pacifica players struggle because of their genetics. Perhaps Noeline needs to reevaluate the requirements and it’s potentially doing more harm than good to the ferns because fitness isn’t the reason they are losing anymore. Plus the fitness standard shouldn’t be a must, there’s no way in the world (with all due respect) Wallam would pass the Ferns fitness requirements. But see how it doesn’t affect the Diamonds or her own performance! Neither would Vilimaina Davu and she was a star at GK. Peta doesn’t need to be as fit as other WA. She does half the work as them because she simply doesn’t need to with her connection with Grace.

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        She’s trying to mould the ferns into an Aussie side and it isn’t working. The flare that the Maori bring is what he’s to make them good, not their fitness.

        Noeline is better off coaching in the SSN than the Ferns. Give it to someone who allows individuals to be themselves not to fit into a cookie cutter mould.

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          @netball girl Totally disagree. DNT has said from the outset that the NNZ have their own style and that is not 121 marking. The ferns certainly played their own way to win in 2019.

          IMO Tamsin Greenway comments at the quad series, or whatever it’s called, hit the nail on the head. The ferns play zone style but don’t have a plan B when it doesn’t work. The Diamonds play a zone sometimes or just in the final third, so why shouldn’t the Ferns be able to play a different style.

          The Ferns need to be super fit to cope with the physicality and to work harder to off the ball so they are free to receive it.

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              DNT mentioned that in her 2 yr deal, if she hasn’t won anything her contract will be over. I like that!

              I don’t buy into “pacific players” have issues with fitness because of genetics. I think that’s an excuse to not be fit or meet fitness standards. Hard work beats natural talent. And how do you know Wallam wouldn’t meet fitness standards? I think it’s funny you single out the one player who is a GS, tall and has a solid build. Davu is a prime example of hard work. She was in phenomenal form, fitness wise, from 2003-2007. She is the reason I never felt sorry for Cath Latu, whenever she would use her size as an excuse.

              there’s a reason why Aus have won so many WC and CWG Gold. They have the highest of standards. They are the bench mark! I get we, NZ, have our own style and flair. But winning a WC once every 16yrs shows is not all about flair, and our “own style” is not consistent enough.

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                @silverferns1 what a load of codswallop about the Pasifika “genetics” making it difficult to meet fitness standards. I don’t think all the Pasifika players in the rugby union and rugby league teams (female and male) would be buying into that fallacy.

                Fun fact: in her time in the Silver Ferns, Davu was the fastest in the team over 10m. Great attribute in a GK (explosiveness). Downside to that (for the opposition shooters) would be high momentum; Davu was renowned for not pulling out contests…

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