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  • Ian Harkin
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    Kate Burley
    Tayla Earle
    Sulu Fitzpatrick
    Fa’amu Ioane
    Bailey Mes
    Grace Nweke
    Michaela Sokolich-Beatson
    Elisapeta Toeava
    Saviour Tui
    Filda Vui

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    Just repeating myself from previous post…

    Solid team, assuming everyone is back from injury and fitter than last season.

    I do think a little light on WA/C?

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    My thoughts too. I seem to recall Ioane playing C occasionally and I would guess they must be thinking of trying out one of Tui/Vui around WA also. Maybe even Mes as she had a few stints there with the Ferns in the World Cup during some opening games – Grace has probably already got the rebound power covered!

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    Very heavy in defence and attack. But an improvement from the bench this year. Earle has Ioane to come on when she goes mia. Not that Wilson has addressed that during the season.

    MSB would surely be the starting defence. Attack end is daylight.
    We could possibly see Nweke on the bench with Mes/ Tui providing a difference on attack.

    Ian Harkin
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    Northern Mystics retain stable roster for 2021 ANZ Premiership season

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    Hopefully this post works…. tenth time lucky.

    Strong team. Glad Vui is there. That defence end. Wow!

    Elliot to Steel or Magic?
    Burgess was good for Mystics. Back to Australia?
    Grapes back to Beko to continue to develop her game. Wilson wasn’t the right coach for her.

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    I don’t think we will see Burgess back to Australia. I think bad timing for her considering the increase of roster sizes in Australia and teams promoting their training partners.

    Ian Harkin
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    Not sure why people are having trouble posting. Sorry about that.

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    Hopefully, Burgess gets a contract elsewhere, as someone who saw her play in Aus and assuming she is at the same level, she has potential.

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    Burgess would be good WD backup for the Fever. I’d like to see her get a contract over England, then we can see more of Anstiss in C. Would also be a good option for the Lightning if Langman doesn’t continue.

    Overall a strong lineup. I would have liked to have seen Vui and Tui look elsewhere as I think they’re both too good to spend so much time on the bench. Not many midcourt options though which could end up costing them again.

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    Should be lots of intercepts with Burley and MSB. Mes back will be a massive help.
    Wonder what team will be named next.

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    Looking like Rasmussen back to Magic if she’s not retiring/pregnant. Elliot would be a decent pick-up somewhere, I think she’s got decent potential.

    Will be interesting to see whether Burley and Ioane take a step up under a different coach, or regress as some have done at Mystics. Good to see Vui there but unless the squads are 12 again, it’s very shooting heavy.

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    No Iverson, wonder who is gonna be WA backup for Toeava? Mes? Tui? Vui?

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    Iverson retired from netball.

    Mes will be the back up. Or if they are allowed to have 12 players on the team sheet, maybe their training partners will be midcourters.

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    Since the ANZ ended, Grapes and Burgess have been playing the Hawke’s Bay prem competition. Burgess is playing at GD, not WD, and she has been EXCELLENT. She makes it look like she is an adult playing with kids.

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