Not today, not ever – Your reaction to last week’s 2-point shot debate

Not today, not ever – Your reaction to last week’s 2-point shot debate2020-03-12T18:49:35+10:00
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        Well, they’ve heard. It remains to be seen if they’ll listen.

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          If you read to the end of the article on the Super Netball page, they interestingly (in my opinion) *finish* with a longish quote from a supporter of the 2 point shot. :scratch:

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            The more we keep hearing about it, the more likely the sport of Netball will change even more. Have fun Australian Netball fans, when it becomes part of the SSN. Because it will!!!!!

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              Haha I hope it doesn’t, it looks good when the shots go in, but very amateur when they don’t. Thwaites and Tippett probably didn’t do any favours for the traditionalists. ?

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                NO please NO. I thought Housby said it perfectly well. Fun in Fast 5 but God NO in SSN. They’re beautiful to watch when they go in. But when they don’t, it’s just like the scrappy Fast 5 play. A defender get’s a brilliant intercept but the shooter at the other end fails to score and the ball goes back the other end. On Sunday, I felt like both teams, especially the ALL Stars were trying to do too much with those last 5 mins just like they did with their powerplay quarters in Fast5.

                If a change like this is made, then it should be universal. Players should be exposed to the same format played in international test matches. But then again timeouts and rolling subs don’t help either.

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