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  • Andrew Kennedy
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      Here is my lineup, see below the reserves and costs. I like using this salary cap idea, because it has resulted in me thinking carefully and using players from across the globe. I’ve only been into netball for 21 years so I never really would’ve included McKinnis or Jenckee or Edge or similar era players. I love the combination here in GA and WA, they would make the attack end sizzle. Also with this C and WD it would make it oh so easy for the defenders to grab every possession.

      GS Potgieter – I think equal as a target to van Dyk and cheaper (at this point)
      GA Colling – the ultimate playmaker and very accurate, better than Holzhausen
      WA O’Donnell – I spent most on her, because she is so incisive and lightning fast
      C Guthrie – so tenacious, I want a defensive centre and she is safer and smarter than Langman in attack
      WD – Scholz – I can’t believe she was this cheap, physical, fast, and enormous reach
      GD – Pretorius – we won’t see many players with her uncanny understanding of the game
      GK – Sterling – same as Pretorius, a total freak

      Cox – X-factor, and can actually play both positions
      Burger – X-factor, consummate understanding of both feeding and defence
      Harrison – X-factor, plays all the D positions and is very intimidating and can use the Hoist

      Other options
      Shooter – Southby, who can play both positions and is a bit more creative and has better fitness and accuracy than Cox, but not the X-factor
      Centre court – Julie Seymour or Olivia Murphy, with all their leadership and experience
      Defence – Corletto, probably my favourite defender ever, the greatest athlete this game has seen, or Bruce or de Bruin who are both quite versatile but tall

      Potgieter, Colling, (Cox) total $8
      O’Donnell, Guthrie, Scholz, (Burger) total $13
      Pretorius, Sterling, (Harrison) total $9

      Ian Harkin
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        Well done. Thanks Andrew.

      Viewing 2 posts - 16 through 17 (of 17 total)
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