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  • Ian Harkin
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      By Jenny Sinclair

      Caitlin Bassett’s lips are shredded and she can’t sleep. She’s tried to keep a smile on her face through a difficult 2020 season, but her body and soul are far from happy. She’s watched – largely from the bench – as her 16 year elite career has unravelled over just a few months. It’s been so very public.

      But across one hundred games for her country, Bassett’s learned how to fight, hard. She’s never ready to admit defeat; a loss doesn’t happen till the final whistle blows. And so for the very first time in netball, an Australian captain will part ways with her club and move overseas, to extend her career.

      Read more… https://netballscoop.com/ns-exclusive-caitlin-bassett-how-my-year-unfolded/

      Marcela Massey

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        Fantastic article! Thank you for taking the time to write this.
        I find it so eye opening to really hear from the players themselves how different situations impact their mental health. Bassett has really been lucky that she’s gotten support from Thwaites and Geitz as players as well as NA, Stacey West and Stacey M, and the well-being managers. It is quite clear that the way she’s been treated this season has had a deep affect on her and I really do think she handled herself with the utmost professionalism. On top of that, Giants chased her and she really wanted the move to NSW to be a chance to work on her career outside netball. It’s a shame that although she probably made that known to the club, she struggled to take up many opportunities. The training from 7:30am to 2pm is unlike some of the other clubs so I’m disappointed for her that things were so difficult across the board at the Giants. I really hope she succeeds in NZ, even if it’s a bit of a change at first I think it’s a great move for her. Fingers crossed things turn out well!
        I actually would have been interested to see her try at the super shot this season is she was getting quality court time. She said she has been practicing at it so I would’ve been fascinated to see her shoot from a longer range.

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          great article Jenny.

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            Great article!
            Loved CBass honesty.

            I really felt for her, when she said she was happy to support the girls from the sideline. But when they were loosing, and she still wasn’t used, that would have been really hard to take.

            I seen Grace Kara put on her insta story, welcoming her to the Magic. And then tagged Casey Kopua, “if only CK was still playing”. Imagine that lineup 😍

            Zara Collings
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              Thank you for such a well though out and considered article!

              It’s baffling to me that such a lack of communication can exist within a professional sporting environment. Especially as Bass points out, when the GIANTS were the ones that chased her.

              What I find the most impressive is that after reading the whole article nothing came across as bashing or negative. It was still a humble and honest account from a personal perspective.

              I used to be so frustrated watching CBass as a shooter that was just always in the starting 7 no matter if she was playing well or not and didn’t have to work to get the ball (also a lil jealous she was always playing for the opposition!) but I now have so much respect for her strength as a person

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                Can’t help but feel for her after reading this. Sounded like a hideous situation and anyone who has sat on the bench all season would be able to relate to what this feels like. Her beef is definitely with Fitzgerald and no one else.

                Will be interesting to see if Bassett takes some long shots in the NZ league next year knowing that she has guaranteed court time. Just to prove that she can do it.

                Interesting also that I’m sure in NZ that netball NZ are in the background every season trying to encourage clubs to pair up certain defensive or attacking circle Ferns combinations in the various player sign ups. Eg Folau/Mes at Mystics. I wonder if this stuff goes on in Australia and how such a system may have helped keep Bassett in Australia if she could have been paired with an up and coming GA. I guess that the difference is that NNZ is dealing with non profit regional club teams funded by the government and Sky tv, whereas now the Suncorp super league has fully professional clubs involved who are not going to be dictated to like that from the netball administrating body.

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                  It was almost the opposite in that giants HAD the up and coming GA of Austin and it was like a thumbing of the nose never to put them together! Maybe so oppositions couldn’t “work them out” but I wonder if it was more stubbornness from Fitzgerald?!

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                    Agree MontyandPoppy, Giants have the next Diamonds GA and JF wasn’t willing to put them on court together. I think they would be a great combination and it’s baffling why it wasn’t even tried at training. I know Harten is the golden child but she had some very poor games this season and it would have been good to try something different.

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                      The game that stands out for me was the last one v Fever where they needed to win to have any chance of finals. They were winning until Lewis came on in GK and Stanton in GA. Lewis had Harten’s measure so it would have been the ideal time to bring Bass on to provide extra height…Never happened, Giants lost and kissed their chance of finals goodbye…talk about cut off your nose to spite your face.

                      Ian Harkin
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                        The combination of Austin GA & Bassett GS was only tried on 3 occasions for a grand total of just 27 minutes. In those 27 minutes, Giants outscored their opposition 26-22. Which is pretty good in itself, but it’s quite incredible when you consider it was part of two matches that they lost badly, one to Tbirds by 8 and the other to Vixens by 20!

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                          Beautifully written article as it speaks to the heart of CBass’ situation. Kudos to her for maintaining such a professional attitude.

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                            But our training regime meant that at times we were at the club from 7.30 am until 2pm

                            I thought a major part of the players agreement was that certain hours (10-4?) were protected so that the players could study or work? Does anyone know?

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                              Yes, I believe that is true which is why she mentioned it in the interview (and also her video) that the training times prevented her from being able to pursue her studies outside of netball, effectively. A shame if this is true, which I think it is, because that means the players’ agreement was not respected at this club.

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                                Will be interesting in Jan when we see the Bassett Austin combo for Aus. They might do really well, and Fitzgerald will notice she made some terrible choices in 2020.

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