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    By Jenny Sinclair

    Before I interviewed Laura Langman I made a list of her strengths. Athletic – yes; powerful and skilful – definitely; GOAT centre – in my opinion; can turn a game, quirky sense of humour – tick and tick; humble and unassuming. Given the latter, when I asked Langman for her opinion, it was no surprise that I got a very different answer. She said, “Man, that’s a hard one,” and paused, genuinely struggling to find something. Finally she took a deep breath, and listed just one thing. “I think I’ve never been afraid to take a risk.” And while it might not appear that way, given her traditional introduction to netball and an unflashy approach to life, there is far more to Langman than her trademark long socks would suggest. While an outstanding career has been built on her brilliance on court and genuine affability, it’s the less-trodden path that has defined her.

    Read more… https://netballscoop.com/ns-exclusive-laura-langman-risky-business/

    Simon Leonard

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    Just amazing – the player and the story. Thanks so much Jenny – what a great read. One heart definitely broken here that we won’t see her on court again.

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    Amazing article, thanks Jenny.
    Odd that she mentions playing AFL, I guess I just assumed she was returning to NZ.
    Definitely will miss her on court, such an amazing player, hard-worker, and pleasure to watch

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    AFL? Pity the poor opposition player that has the job tagging her :-)

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    AFL. Real Aussie now. Nice read

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    Wonderful read Jenny, thanks so much.

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