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      By Jenny Sinclair

      Roselee Jencke understands balance. Yin and yang. Individual and team. The knowledge has served her well, across a forty year career as an elite athlete and coach. It’s underpinned her 43 test caps for Australia, and a record as one of netball’s most successful franchise coaches. It’s been a current running through Jencke’s life from the outset. Beneath her professional exterior is a woman of fire and ice. One who’s faced some of the toughest challenges imaginable, but can still smile. Who combines integrity with flexibility, passion with compassion, and who can lead but still listen.

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      Simon Leonard

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        What a great piece, thanks Jenny. Apart from the really informative and nice history in this article, I thought a few things were interesting:

        “Netball Australia used to have a coaching development officer, but with no one currently in that role – something that Jencke describes as a ‘great loss’ – coaches have to self direct their learning.” – how can any elite sport not have a coaching development officer? That’s seems like a pretty big hole

        Jencke leaving Firebirds seems to me as though it wasn’t just her decision but one that she was still okay with. She was probably able to justify it to herself a bit more by allowing her daughter to play without her being the coach. She mentions how much easier it is now.

        Jencke never wants a head coach role again, more interested in working with younger players and talent. Good on her though, she’s dedicated in excess of 40 years to this sport and has had an immense impact.

        Thank you for everything you’ve given to netball thus far Roselee! Enjoy spending your time off with your family.

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