NS EXCLUSIVE: Where do you go to (my lovely)?

NS EXCLUSIVE: Where do you go to (my lovely)?2022-04-28T14:22:57+10:00
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      “Who am I?

      “What do I want?

      “Do I have any other value, and what do I have to offer?”

      These are just a few of the questions that elite athletes ask themselves on retirement. Having given all of their adult lives, and much of their childhood, to sport, they are suddenly faced with stripping themselves back to the bone. Of facing a period of monumental change, in which physical and emotional wellbeing, careers, finances and even relationships can be altered. And for many athletes, it’s a time of vulnerability, uncertainty and even desperation that can be difficult to navigate.

      Fortunately, the Australian Netball Players Association (ANPA) has long recognised what a significant period of transition athletes can face. They’ve previously advocated for wellbeing managers at Diamonds and Suncorp Super Netball club level, and have recently upped the ante, appointing Natalie von Bertouch as their inaugural Transition Manager.

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