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      I am a long time admirer of Netball Scoop and ALL the tireless team behind the site who give such wonderful coverage of our beloved game of Netball.

      I am fortunate enough to be in Birmingham & predominantly at the NEC Arena for the whole duration of the 2022 CWG.

      I want to say a huge big THANK U to Jenny and Sue and give ‘us’ the fans a little inside to what they have had to navigate so far, inorder for us to wake up each morning and read & view the previous days events.

      I ran into Jenny yesterday (3 days in) looking drained & to be fair a little frazzled heading off to her Air BnB and offered her a lift. Good excuse to have a chat as well. Only to discover that their internet had crashed out the evening before and she had spent until the early hours trying to work through her report.

      Not just that but Jenny told me that Sue, the photographer, was at Alexander Stadium the night of the Opening Ceremony photographing as many Netballers & the teams only to struggle with getting transport back to their Air BnB, finally arriving home at 2am to then process & download photos for us the fans to wake up and see: 4am she finally got to bed!!!

      I just assumed: wrongly: that covering the CWG was a gem of an assignment.
      BUT boy do these 2 ladies work F..king hard & tirelessly to get the Netball news to us.

      THANK U ladies :good: x

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        Oh wow Thankyou so much for sharing this with us! I was already really appreciating the teams work but now I am in awe – Thanks Team Netball Scoop! I love your work, your insights and everything you do to bring CWG to those who can’t be there.
        I’ve especially loved the videos ??

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          Yes, Thankyou so much for this insight!
          Thankyou NS for all your work, I am totally blessed to be apart of this forum!

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            The NS team are absolute legends, thanks so much to all of you who work so hard to bring us netty content :heart:

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              Thanks so much for this information. NS has great coverage without bias. I love it :good:

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                So it’s all over for another 4 years:)

                Huge Congrats to the Aussies across the board team players & coaches.
                Amazing achievement for the Jammies and so entertaining.
                Have to admit the Kiwis came to that Bronze medal match completely focused.

                So now the dust is settling and Jenny is on her way home to a well deserved rest.

                THANK U To Netball Scoop:
                Jenny and her small team for wonderful coverage of ALL the matches.
                & to Sue the photographer.

                Informative, unbiased, reporting with access to short & sharp interviews.
                Very impressive.

                Media get a lot of stick so let’s hope World Netball use you guys in Cape Town next year. :good:

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                Netball Rocks
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                  Yes a huge thank you for the huge effort in bringing us so much insight and making us feel we were there at the Games. I am so missing my daily netball news. This is THE BEST netball community because of the amazing NS team. :good: :yahoo: 🙂

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                    Thank you to all the NS team involved in bringing us the information from the CG and especially Ian who I am certain ended up being seriously sleep deprived at the end of the event.

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                        NS team 1 question
                        ‘DO EVER REST’

                        Great summation of Top 4 Teams:)

                        Covering African World Qualifiers:)

                        Covering Asian World Qualifiers:)

                        This month (Sept) Constellation Cup:)

                        Next month Aussie v Eng Series:)

                        And all that is happening in between give yourselves a huge pat on the back

                        THANK U

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                          :good: :rose:

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