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  • WeWood
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    @Minkie Bailey must be thrilled and good on her, off the back of a massive risk is leaving the comfort of the Mystics to search for new opportunities.

    I suppose would rather go down fighting with a new approach than wheel out the same old from the past two-three series and hope for the best?

    If Taurua can get her team firing, at the same time for 60 minutes, they will be hugely competitive. What I’ve found is we can hack it for a half, or one part of the court will have a blinder but the other 2/3 can’t get out of second gear..

    Remember four years ago Johnson didn’t make it through the CWG pre-cursor series and was replaced by Kersten..

    I hope Temu is currently training the house down!

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    This whole selection process seems like a big mess, if I’m being honest. The fact that Kayla Johnson didn’t even make it to trials and carrying an injury, seems very odd.

    I don’t doubt that DNT has a great plan for the CWGs. But some of these selections/non-selections seem weird.

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    WeWood, she would be, shes come such a long way, such a totally different environment from J Southbys day and Noels would not be instructing ‘let Grace shoot. With Noel’s you shoot else you’re bench warming. Plus those reserves will be waiting in the wings. If I’m honest I’m of two minds re even the bestest selection of teams. As feel this mightn’t be our time to shine but hey I said that about WC so I’ll gladly wear egg on my face if need be.

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    @TB I don’t think Johnson is carrying a new injury, its the old knee one and it didn’t really seem to have a lot of strapping on it, more a support. Having strapping on a knee for a full season isn’t anything new as we know. She had a fairly tough season back with the big C picked up either in the UK or in managed isolation which prevented her playing at the start of ANZ, then sickness and now sickness at trials time. I thought she played one full game at GD but mostly WD was shared with Fowler which was to be expected, and she started at WD at least once so I wonder if that was always the plan.

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    There’s a good article on RNZ with justifications on each of the choices
    I wonder if Winders lack of discipline (lots of cautions this ANZP) cost her

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    Go ferns!

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    True that Netballfan1. Winders, Manua and Gordon do get a lot of cautions but so does Jury although I do feel that sometimes Jury is the correct distance and early enough but with the reach it looks like she is too close.

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    I second that Netballfan1. I think Tiana being hesitant on the shot could also play a part in her not being selected. When she first made her debut back in the start of ANZ Premiership, she was very confident with sinking those long shots. Now she seems to be very hesitant taking those long shots as seen during the Quad Series and the England test match. Still does not take away from her court craft.

    I think Mes and TPSR really pulling through for their respective sides shooting lineup this season mightve also played a part in their selection.

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    With Tiana, I think she tries too often to milk the penalty and it won’t fly in internationals. A lot of experience in every third, pretty excited to see what they can put out. We’ll be in the final 🫣😂

    Ian Harkin
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    After reading the news articles, what i have inferred is that DNT thinks we can’t win playing the same game plan as the 2021 series against the Roses, or the Nations Cup earlier this year. So after analysing the games of the big 3, she has come up with a game plan that requires high volume of shots, low turnovers/penalties and opportunity for defensive gains through zone defence. With this game plan in mind, she has selected a spine of experienced players that suit this playing style, with versatility benefiting their selection and of course fitness a hurdle requirement. She has also selected younger players that provide a point of difference in case plan A hasn’t worked.

    Keeping this in mind, it makes sense that DNT has chosen her anchor players in each third that form the spine like Wilson, Crampton and Jury, supported by players with lots of international experience like Mes, Saunders, Johnson, Karaka, (there’s my starting 7), while mixing up the selection of her impact/bench players like Nweke, Souness and Heffernan. The pulse players who dominated ANZ but didn’t get selected probably didn’t fit her game plan. This seems to make sense to me given that employing a tough 1-on-1 style defence on Aus or Eng has never been successful, because these players are used to playing against that style in the SSN so they know how to deal with that pressure, and to be honest, historically, the ferns haven’t been successful with this approach because they are not as strong or fit compared to those Aussie players.

    Also worth noting that Souness was trialled at C, so the selectors are privy to seeing playing abilities and styles that we haven’t witnessed from watching ANZP.

    If i take a guess at why some players weren’t selected in the 12:
    Fitness – Ekenasio, Dunn, Temu
    Playing style not fitting game plan – Manua, Poi, Dunn
    Shooting volume – Metuarau
    Turnovers or penalty count – Winders, Gordon, Manua
    Lack of experience at international level – MRB, Metuarau, Dunn, Temu, Burley
    Recent form – Kersten, Winders
    Absence at trials – Gordon, Dunn, most of the pulse players

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    @tasman, you’d have hoped consistency as a shooter rates somewhere in Taurua’s list of requirements. So why is Dunn not there? Also Johnson was not at the trials but got selected. Nweke – has she made the fitness standards? She is subject to medical clearance — looked oK in the game against the Stars at the end of the season.

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    Having read Noel’s wants and needs of the style she thinks, the ferns can play. I sort of understand it.
    But I do not agree with the selection of Kayla Johnson. Didn’t even have to trial to get in.
    Apple of Noel’s eye

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    Kayla is probably the only one I don’t understand if wasn’t at trials (which we know she wasnt). Unsure how many full games she played with the Stars. Noel’s must see something we can’t as doubt she’d have favourites as can be retty ruthless. Anyway fingers crossed we can play with, if not all, then some success?

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    On further thought – I wonder if Taurua is trying to replicate the 2016 Southern Steel ‘recipe’ with the Ferns. She had incredible success that season with the Steel; undefeated right through to elimination final.

    A dominant tall at the back (Nweke instead of Fowler-Reid) and then TPSR, Crampton and Saunders out the front. Nweke isn’t Fowler-Reid, but the closest thing we’ve got to it.

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