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  • nakiboy80
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    Boy, that NZA team is looking strong!

    Ekenasio, Hume, Metuarau, Vui
    Kersten, Reuelu-Buchanan, Toeava, Winders
    Burley, Fowler, Manu’a, Temu

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    Jesus Christ, no Poi or Gordon in NZA.

    Any intel? @Nesian? @mcleod? Stunned.

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    I’m speechless weewood.

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    Ekenasio vs Jury
    Metuarau vs Karaka
    MRB vs Heffernan/Johnson
    Kersten vs Saunders
    Winders vs Crampton
    Burley vs Mes/TPSR
    Temu vs Wilson/Nweke

    You’d want to see dominance from Karaka and Jury and whoever is running WD to suffocate the WA feed into that NZA circle.

    Saunders and Kersten will be great running partners, and Winders v Crampton will be an excellent test for the Ferns captain.

    When I look at the Ferns circle I see their height winning hands down versus NZA, it may be the Men whose game will replicate a CWG knock-out situation to make the Ferns work the ball into that goal circle and through the hoop.

    Easy as? Surely.

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    I can see why Poi wasn’t selected (not providing options to the ball etc.) but I am surprised about Gordon. I thought there was a huge difference in the pulse team once she returned to full games

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    @Netballfan1 – could be her knee. The original options were surgery or play through the pain. She chose to see if it would heal itself but she certainly had more strapping back on it after a couple of games so maybe its not healed sufficiently.

    Ian Harkin
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    How Can Noel’s sit there going on about fitness then pick two in the twelve and two in the reserves that haven’t even past the testing?

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    I highly recommend watching the clip, truly fascinating insight into selection.

    Moving circle/holding circle with high volume shots percentages.

    3 deep in each position in the midcourt. I knew DNT viewed Souness as a C who could feed.

    Strong, powerful defensive line up with different combos.

    No clear starting 7 but interchangeability according to opposition especially big 3.

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    NZ101, how do you know 4 players didn’t pass fitness? They may have taken other tests if they weren’t physically at trials.
    Considering Noel’s got us underdogs through and to win the WC, she can ‘go on’ as much as she likes.

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    Been waiting for this video, there’s so much data that’s gone into this team. I can’t wait to see them play

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    Watched the video and OMG, I’m scared… for the Roses, Diamonds and Sunshine girls.

    DNT has a plan,a strategy and she just picked the players to execute it. As part of the trials they played 7 games in 10 days. They looked at all the data including shots, intercepts and turnover and picked the best :wacko:

    Wow you gotta love DNT. Her first starting 7 is going to be very interesting.

    Am I the only one who thinks Johnston wouldn’t have survived trials if she’d been there. :whistle:

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    Great watch and makes sense on what her selections were for.

    How much behind the scenes stuff is amazing to hear about.

    She makes you wanna buy into whatever she is selling hahaha

    Shall be very interesting.

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    I’ll reserve judgement until the Cadbury series. I hope Kayla plays full games, haven’t seen that since 2017

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    I got from that video that Souness is Taurua’s midcourt ace up her sleeve. Very animated and excited about her potential and the change up she provides.

    Kelly Jury into WD for a quarter or two the secret sauce perhaps? 😂😂

    My read on Johnson’s selection is Taurua feels she knows what she will get out of Kayla if she puts her on court. More so than MSB or Fowler which is why Kayla ultimately got the nod, no trials and all. Still a risk for sure.

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