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  • Ian Harkin
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    Full time: Aust 53-39

    Australia dominated for three quarters, then made several changes for the last Q, and they didn’t really work out. The attack spluttered badly in the 4th Q but the damage was already done by then. NZ were well beaten.

    Ian Harkin
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    A few notes…

    1) Looks like the Australian midcourt is sorted.

    2) Gretel is Good, Bueta, Best at GS. Please leave her there.



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    Ian I think Marinkovich has found her starting shooting pairing too..

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    Well done Diamonds. Most underwhelming player for Australia was Price, could be how Moloney edges in.

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    Well would poi have made a difference, YES. Winders isn’t a C,

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    Braz was outstanding, held both Winders and Crampton when she was marking them. Saunders played a better game midcourt than either of the two. Would Poi have made a difference – I don’t believe so, she is not the same player that returned from the Magpies and spends a lot of time floating on court.
    Wilson had a decent game, Nweke needs to settle down when things don’t go her way and learn not to so obviously contact/push off the opposition defence. I didn’t think Metuarau had a bad game either, lots of learnings to be had against such a fast nimble defensive outfit who go for absolutely everything.
    Fitzpatrick still returning from injury. Burger had a strong game, particularly at WD. Johnston came back at WD better than I expected, needs to clean up the contact though, the game has moved on from when she used to get away with so much of it. Did well in GD. Karaka looked pretty sharp for the short time she was on.

    I do think, given the amount of time NZ players have spent isolated, training in garages and alone in the last two years that it was inevitable the team would be behind the eight ball. Two 4? day training camps in the best part of two years is really impacting on the team unity.

    Final Comment – The Diamonds need to check the length and or/shape of their finger nails!

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    So pleasantly surprised to see Bueta played at GS and absolutely dominate there. I’ve always rated her really highly at GS (simply because of her hold, let alone everything else she can do) but so many coaches have always insisted on pushing her out to GA. The Bueta/Wood/Watson/Hadley lineup showed itself to be completely dominant today. Overall a great Diamonds performance!!

    The Ferns have rested on the laurels of their WC win for too long. The England series loss was bad, this is arguably worse. They’re going to have to up their level if they want to make the gold medal match at CWG, especially without Watson.

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    A specialist C is needed for the Ferns. They really needed Poi or Gordon, that have that zippy speed type of stuff.

    Nweke needs to start, and given time to build. I get she is young! But she needs to be able to build her confidence. We’ve seen how damaging she can be, she just needs to be out on court.

    I thought Karaka came on well, in her little stint. Would like to see her get more court time.

    I don’t think it’s all doom and gloom for the Ferns. I do believe they can build from this.

    I feel soo happy, for calling Bueta to start 😁 All though I did have her at GA, Wood GS. This combination worked so well. I am so looking forward to a Mentor v Bueta matchup 😍

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    After watching the supershots for two seasons it’s almost weird to see a team only score 39 goals 😂

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    Couldn’t have said it better. I don’t think Poi is the answer, but mid court does seem to be a continuing issue for the ferns. Will be interesting to see what Buchanan can bring.

    Nweke just needs time, her second cap and she is still young, only upwards from here! Showed some real glimpses of huge potential

    The amount of blood on the players was awful and disruptive, I’m not sure how it didn’t result in a fingernail check for Australia by the umpires

    The disruptions to tram building and training from covid evident in both the All Blacks and Silver Ferns. I don’t think a couple of rougher games show that Taurua is not up to the job

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    Okay so Watson and Weston are out for Aryang and Moloney. I wonder who will be in WA, this is where I’d love Proud around because Moloney in WA I don’t want to see and Wood and Bueta should be the starting shooting circle.

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    Oh thats strategic confidence leaving your captain out of the 12.

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    Maybe they’re resting Watson as she’s coming back from injury.

    Maybe Hadley in WA and Moloney or JLP in Centre.

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    Surely Watson out pushes Hadley to WA. I would give Price the start in C and a chance to settle into the game, because she was pretty awful in Q4! Agreed that Watson/Hadley/Brazil should be the starting combo ongoing, and Price can tomorrow push to be backup C/WD.

    Loved Bueta in GS, like others I’ve wanted her there for years. Not sure her and Koenan gelled too well. But would LOVE to see a front line of Garbin, either Wood or Bueta in GA with Watson and Hadley feeding. The athleticism and smarts is a mouthwatering proposition!

    Also think Bruce, Weston and Klau (who was GREAT) have nailed their spots down. Now I’d just like to see Turner and Arayang get a decent amount of time to show what they can do. Ie more than half a quarter!

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    Is it possible to add a photo here? I have a couple of screen shots that sadly yet again demonstrate the uselessness of MSM netball coverage in Australia.

    I reckon Jo Weston has been dropped from the game-day 12 as she has been moonlighting for NZ… yup in a photo of Steph Wood and Kayla Johnson the caption is:
    “… and Joanna Weston of New Zealand…”

    :negative: :-( :wacko:

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