Remember Hamish Bidwell… he’s back!

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        Interesting article. Been thinking for a while the SF need to fast track players (like Nweke and others) to simulate international netball.

        Possibly more regular competition against men’s teams who are more physical and little less predictable.

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          They looked 2nd rate, because the best were not there, we all know Poi is the best C in NZ, Ekenasio the best GA, Watson GK. It was a utter farce that Kayla Johnson was there. Took 1 GA, who played like a WA and did bugger all shooting. But in saying all that they should have beaten England.

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            Valid points, yes ANZ is underrated compared to the Uk and Aussie competitions, but population and wages must come into factor? Also never doubt Dame Noeline experience. Players have to retire and there is always the desire for some (not all) to become mothers, as much as we wish wed love the likes of Kopu and Langman to play forever! Young players need court time to gain experience, doesnt anyone remember getting turned down for a job due to lack of experience yet no one would give you any???

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              I totally agree @RMB regarding experience, and the only way to get it is by doing, that’s why I was happy that Grace has had a decent amount of court time – when it came to the quad series the average age of the 3 shooters was about 20-21? so I thought they did pretty darn well, where was lacking was experience yes, but also some of the experience players was where it just wasn’t working. I think Noels knows what she’s doing, not sure if she’ll pull a rabbit out’ve the hat to shush all the doom and gloom nay sayers, but I think she has a plan in place.

              as for the competitions – yes Aussie comp is the ‘best’ in the world, but also don’t play by international rules in a few cases (time outs & rolling subs the big two) which is where aussie have come undone a few times inn internationals. and as for the UK league – watching the top teams is great, but the lower half I would rank probably on a par with the national comp levels below both the NZ and Aussie comps (and in terms of population size – would Victoria (not pulling from other states) be able to produce 6-7 competitive teams to the levels of the ANZ teams – I’d be genuinely curious)

            Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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