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  • Ian Harkin
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    Ian Harkin
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    Seriously if I was a England supporter, I’d be super pissed off.
    Harten seems to play for England when she feels like it.
    If NZ send their best possible team to the Nations cup. I’d expect them to beat England by 20+.
    Club or country is taking over. Mentor will prob play in NZ for the Pies in December instead.

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    Good on Geva, Jo and Serena for recognising they need some time out, and they have been amazing and proud members of the Roses for such a long time they really deserve it! I don’t think anyone has the right to judge them for that.
    It’s the start of a new 4 year cycle so a great time to give the young up and comers a chance. I wonder if any other players will be taking a time out?

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    Younger players will get in the squad but I think Dunn, Clarke and EBC will play GS, C & GK so not much change
    Hopefully Panagarry gets a lot of game time and I’d like to see more Fran Williams

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    There’s only so much wear and tear that players can take before their performances start to drop – Harten’s already carrying a knee injury, Serena’s had glandular fever and Geva’s one of the older players who has had physical issues in the past. Good on them for recognising hey need to recuperate, and for once EN for doing what’s right for the players. If NZ beats us by so many (still not sure it’s 100% certain, either), then fair enough – we need to build more strength in depth and if we break these key players, we’d have to replace them anyway.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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