She’s netball’s Harry Kane. So why is Ama Agbeze struggling to make ends meet?

She’s netball’s Harry Kane. So why is Ama Agbeze struggling to make ends meet?2019-03-17T21:18:44+10:00
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      Great profile of the brilliant Ama Agbeze in the Sunday Times this morning: 

      Its behind a paywall so not sure how much of it I can post. Covers the EN and VNSL salaries in comparison to male sports, her childhood / family, being a black women in sport and doing long distance with her husband who is still in NZ.

      Extract: “In the netball world, people see me and say, ‘Oh, your body’s great,’ but in the street, people judge me differently. I’ve had people call me a man and waiters walk past me and say, ‘Oh, sorry sir,’ because I’m tall or they look at my arms and presume … It’s driven me to tears at times. I don’t really talk about race a lot, but being black, I can do the Spoty acceptance speech one day and a couple of days later I’m walking down the street and get some racial abuse.”

      She credits netball with giving her both the quiet resilience to cope with adversity and a reason to face her body hang-ups head-on. “I see my body as a tool now,” she says, smiling. “In netball, we use our bodies functionally. They have to be the best they can be. With social media, we worry about how our bodies look and are perceived by other people, but the important thing is all the stuff they are designed to do.”

      She’s passionate about the psychological benefits of sport at a time when depression, anxiety and self-harm are on the rise among young women, and is setting up a charity to educate young people about positive body image and mental health. The biggest challenge, she predicts, will be engaging girls as they enter adolescence and are confronted by its myriad distractions.“

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