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      Yeah…on paper, they’ll be lucky to medal tbh. I’m gonna trust that Noels knows what she’s doing and that this is the right squad.

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        Just saw the reserves too. They could slot into the team easily I reckon.

        So does anyone know which players didn’t attend trials??

        Dunn is a huge one missing. Yeah the 3 wa… wd and c are a huge worry for me. Heffernan and Johnson?

        Eke can come in if nweke doesn’t pass fitness from injury but did Eke pass fitness? Weird

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          NZA v SF could be juicy lol

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            Shooters: Wilson to start with.. Mes? Hoping Taurua and co. work with her on shot selection. Great energy throughout the year. Need energy and leadership from TPSR. Time to step-up. Nweke will be a great change-up. Keen to see who would be first Reserve cab off the rank.

            Midcourt: Kersten and Winders the casualties for a midcourt that has largely failed to fire the last couple of series. Knew Crampton and Saunders would be in there. Souness unexpected. Needs to bring her excellent ANZP form to that WA bib. Heffernan starting WD I imagine. Surely Gordon is injured to not even make Reserves.

            Defence: Johnson must’ve put something in Taurua’s cup of tea to get her ticket to CWG. I hope she stays fit. Imagine Karaka and Jury is the starting defence combination?

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              This team feels like Trials Round 2 for NWC

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                Dame N obviously saw the issue at Magic with no real WA so thought she’d better have lots of WA in the Ferns :whistle:

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                  On another site it was said that Sam Winders is pregnant. Don’t think she is in the teavelling reserves either. More gossip? Does anyone know?

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                    WTF, I hope Aunty Noles knows something that we don’t.

                    3 WA’s and Jonhson that can’t even run out a full game.

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                      @meg02 that was the 1st thought & only reasoning behind her being left out… i know in the NZ pure she said she did want children, guess we shouldn’t speculate until she announces it herself though!

                      very heavy on the WAs i agree! I guess Saunders and Souness can both play Centre? then again light on the WDs also

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                        Such a shame Ekenasio wasn’t ready. Surprised TPSR for in ahead of Metuarau as I don’t think TP plays well with the heavy marking style of Aus.

                        Gordon must be dealing with illness or sickness. Happy with Heffernan but Souness must have played well at trials to get in over MRB. Poi is really out of favour with selectors I’m guessing. Big concern of mine is how light we are on WD cover, especially if Johnson gets a niggle again.

                        No surprises here but GD options not the best if Karaka is not working, you’d have to move Johnson and bring in Heffernan. Jury best left at GK and Fitzpatrick not fast enough to keep up with the best GAs.

                        Interesting picks to say the least. But they are all excellent players and i hope they do well.

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                          There is a stuff article – I can’t post the link’ on the trials and selections women-in-sport/300622772/grace-nweke-gets-commonwealth-games-fitness-deadline Talks about the Pulse and how illness and not trialling didn’t really come into the selections, also about Nweke and Ekenasio and naming the two players who do actually get to travel as reserves

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                            Ok, so the initial shock has settled lol. Experienced campaigners across the court, does this means Saunders steps up into a starting role as opposed to an impact player? In regards to Kayla’s ability to run out a full game, was it because she couldn’t or was it Wills’ decision to use both her and Fowler during games? I really wanted Manu’a to make the side this year because I think she would’ve had a point to prove against the Diamonds – next year fingers crossed.

                            Starting 7

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                              With who they’ve selected as GAs, it could be Nweke being pushed as the starting GS.

                              I would REALLY love to know why they never select Dunn? Is it just because of the fitness tests? Surely there’s more behind it?
                              Her and Nweke almost select themselves, with their ANZP form.

                              I do not feel confident with this midcourt. They have not selected a specialist C, and that worries me.

                              Defence as expected. A solid group!

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                                That’s if she can hit the fitness standard by next month some time ay otherwise Ekenasio or Metuarau will take that spot. I’m excited to see what happens (excited now, could be crying later ?). The fact that there are so many omissions shows that the system is working for us I guess.

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                                  If we don’t medal does that mean the system works or did the selectors get it horribly wrong?

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