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    Probably the shooters…. eke, tpsb, nweke, dunn… then i reckon sulu, temu, and if any midcourters id say toeava. I know thats more than 5 but theyre the most likely to not hit yoyo test standards which is more than just running fast in short bursts.

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    Fitness standards aside, this would be my 12

    Wilson, Dunn, Mes, Metuarau
    Crampton, Saunders, MRB, Gordon
    Temu, Burley, Fitzpatrick, Jury

    Some tough selections there though. Nweke could very easily be there, same too with Sam Winders

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    I’d be delighted if DNT said I’m going to take a good team to the Comm games and make them into a winning team for WC.

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    Fitness wise based on players comments themselves as of 2-3 weeks ago, and we know that with covid it can take a whole lot of time to get back these players have said they are not where they normally are –

    Theres bound to be more when you look at the drop off in form of some players post covid.

    Players named but have persistent injury issues

    Dunn has been working with a personal? trainer to get her fitness standards up there as she is determined now to become a SF.
    Temu may well be there. She seems to be able to run out a whole game without a drop in performance level.

    I’m pleased to see that Noels has voiced my thoughts on the battle NZ will have to get through this competition.

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    I wouldn’t be surprised if the Silver Ferns don’t medal at all at the games. I just think the overseas competition has gotten better. As for Covid all the other teams would be in the same boat as NZ, so hope this is not used as an excuse.

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    @mcleod me neither they seem to fold under pressure but that might just be an experience thing. I sometimes rate Toeava even more than Crampton in ANZ but internationally she just doesn’t cut it.

    Maybe Manu’a might be the answer to an injured Burger?

    Will Dunn make the fitness? Same with Nweke off injury and Ekansio only just playing full games in ANZ

    Does she take 15 or 12? i thought 15 would make sense with Covid

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    I think covid is one impact, but injury and pregnancy timing of other key players has massive influence.
    Imagine this starting 7 instead from the Ferns
    GS Wilson
    GA ekanasio
    WA crampton
    C Saunders
    WD Rore
    GD Burger
    GK Watson

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    @HBHP the starting 7 you mention are players who you would put on for 60 minutes and you’d back them in.

    Without that fully fit ‘spine’ I just don’t think we have the mental/physical capacity to run out a full game.

    A lot is riding on Jury’s shoulders. I’m hopeful she can turn on her ANZP grand final performance against the Big 3.

    I’m assuming Wilson will get the nod as our starting GS. We need Maia from Con Cup 2021 show up to play CWG, not the miss-under-the-post jitters version we saw flashes of over the last two years.

    Lastly, Crampton needs to carry that midcourt or at least add value to the combination.

    I think Taurua might need to switch her side up at half time in those final 3 games.

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    @Wewood When I first heard that Dunn was moving the names I heard to replace her were Fisher or Mvula. Once I heard Mvula was leaving her team I figured it was her so I’m assuming that Fisher is staying with the Steel.

    I was told that Nweke isn’t happy at the Mystics so maybe there is still some movement to come. I would have thought the Mystics would have thrown a blank cheque at her.

    I heard Eke score a few weeks ago and it was a long way off.

    you are probably pretty close from some of the scores I have heard, maybe missing a defender or two.

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    @nesian funny you should mention Nweke not being happy, the last game when they lost to the stars she looked miserable. I wonder if there was alot of pressure put on her to return from injury or she felt she let her team down. At times she does seem quite emotional but i think we forget she is still only young

    This article gives a bit more away but how reliable…

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    Where would Nweke be able to go to? The only real options are steel and magic really. We do know steel like that tall holding shooter.

    I’d hate to see her go to Magic and break up Eke and Mes, a full season together for those two would make them formidable.

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    I sometimes wonder if these tall shooters wish their GA would put up more shots to take the pressure of themselves. Obviously they are capable of carrying the load, but how much different would a mystics side for example, if the GA was shooting 10-15 goals a game.
    You could put a midcourt player in goals with Nweke and the score line would remain the same. The GA’s aren’t showing what they are capable of if they aren’t shooting.

    It may even help a GS to learn new skills by taking the pressure if shooting out the game.
    This may come across the wrong way, but hope people can understand where I’m coming from.

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    Looking at the list, it is going to be hard to pick a 12 plus reserves.
    I think we have some really good players, but are lacking experience in the Ferns environment.
    We have 3 strong GS options in Wilson Nweke Dunn. Wilson has been the Ferns main GS for the past 2 years, and often stands up in the Ferns environment with the right support around her.
    Eke and Metuarau are 2 classy GAs. Of course, Eke is not near her top form so I am unsure if she will meet the final fitness standards.
    Could they take 3x GS players and 1x GA and play Wilson/Dunn at GA? A massive risk but could work out…..

    Midcourt is VERY difficult.
    So many excellent players, but picking the right players/combos will be hard.
    I think Crampton and Gordon will be there. Noels seems to prefer Kersten and Winders also.
    I think they need to pick Poi based on her previous Ferns games. She turned the matches for the Ferns and dominated that Diamonds midcourt.
    I am a huge Souness fan and I think she could be the perfect WA for Dunn Nweke and Wilson, but Crampton has that experience and I dont think NZ will take 2 players who only really play WA (can play C but we haven’t seen this for a while)

    Burger is a HUGE loss for Ferns. She could cover WD and GD. Starting WD, which would allow Noels to pick a more attacking midcourt. Losing Burger, I guess the midcourt will be more defensive focus now.

    In the circle, Jury Manu’a will be there. The rest, no idea! I don’t think Karaka Fitzpatrick have had their best year. Maybe we will see only 3 circle defenders named and 5 midcourt players picked to cover WA c and WD? Temu was solid for Stars, but is untested in the Ferns environment. She can cover GD and GK with ease, which might help! Can Heffernan play GD?

    Nweke Wilson Eke Dunn
    Poi Crampton Gordon Saunders Heffernan
    Manu’a Jury Temu?

    Metuarau, Souness, Fitzpatrick and Burley as reserves

    A very difficult team to pick. But most likely we will see Kersten and Winders included

    Kayla Johnson at full fitness is a solid WD GD option, but she didn’t run out full games for Stars so she shouldn’t be considered. Hume is hot and cold.
    I only just noticed Tong isn’t there. It’s a shame that injury prevented her for developing this year. She could be a great player at GD.

    Seeing the Jamaican team named today, NZ Aus and England will need to be on form! Jamaicas midcourt is often their downfall, but that defence end is insane! Sterling Wilson and Ward. All ball winners and they have Fowler.

    Will be an interesting time. I think NZ can win gold. I can also see Jamaica beating the Diamonds. I was surprised to see that shooting circle picked for Aus. Wood Koenan had a very up and down season. Dwyer was the form GA all year

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    @thunder123 it’s been a pattern for a number of years. Going back to when IVD came onto the scene (for Ferns).
    Donna Loffhagen use to shoulder the bulk of the shooting. When she moved out to GA, her attempts dropped significantly.
    Nat Medhurst was the same too. When she moved Fbirds, playing with Romelda, her attempts dropped. She went on to play with CBass, Fowler and Nelson – she mainly played a feeding role.
    Coxy was the same too, when she joined Fever and shot with CBass.

    They all had the same response “doesn’t matter who shoots them, as long as they’re scoring”.

    Maria Tutaia was one of the ones, who would tend to shot more than her GS. Sharelle McMahon retired before having a chance to partner someone like CBass. But I truly believe she would have gone to post.

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    So the horrid meat markets started :-(
    Interesting international players taking spots for our home grown, be a few years before there talents rub off on us.
    Noel’s is honest, voiced what I’ve been thinking about our chances.
    Something not right at Mystics, both Sulu and Grace haven’t looked happy for awhile.
    Dunn’s move surprised me, by choice? Pulse can be lethal.

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