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      Folks, 1 of the things I’ve done over the past week is harden Netball Scoop’s security a bit. Some of you will be asked to change your password, either because it has been compromised in a security breech (of which you should be aware) or it’s just plain insecure. This only applies to those w/publishing rites, but, since basically anyone who’s logged in does have publishing rights in terms of the forums, then that applies to a considerable amount of people, I suspect.

      I do apologize for the inconvenience, it’s always a delicate balance between site security & ease of use. We’ve been playing tug-of-war for some time w/that balance. I hope I’ve fixed the captcha problem, the price, however, may be that insecure passwords will need to be changed. Gone are the days when you could just have fun on the net. Now it’s like lots & lots of folks are trying to hack into websites to infect them w/ransomeware, cryptomining software, spam, etc, & preventing that for a site like yours requires vigilance. I understand it’s a hassle & a half, & I thank everyone sincerely for your cooperation in this regard. But no one wants their computer infected or this website sending out spam, thus, protecting Netball Scoops reputation is of the utmost importance. I assure you I’m here to address any concerns. We in the States are having yet another holiday this weekend to honor our fallen military heros, but the side effect is that families tend to get together, have barbecues, etc, & ours is no exception. If my response to you is delayed, that –& the time differential–is why, but I will reply to each of you who express concerns of any sort & do my best to assist w/them whenever possible.

      Thank you for allowing me to serve Netball Scoop & for your patience & understanding as we strive to make it a safe place for everyone.

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