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      On one of the obscure little NRL shows that all seem to be the same, a segment called controversy corner are yet again analysing all the mistakes their refs make. That’s another thread in itself given the scrutiny of officials and how I believe netball fosters a pretty respectful relationship with them. Anyhow after deliberating on whether or not it was a soft call one ‘expert’ claimed it “wasn’t even a netball penalty”. This might seem really small but I am so sick of people not being pulled up for using other sports to bring their sport up. Bagging netball has alienated me as an extreme netball fan and casual NRL fan and the fact that none of the other men on the panel said that was out of line and it passed by as a casual statement really irked me. Sorry but there are plenty of aspects of NRL which can be bagged by other sports and tbh netball always ends up being the scapegoat. There are times when there’s a rivalry between AFL and NRL or something similar but no one delegitimises cricket or tennis which are well and truly non contact for their rules.

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