Scramble to lock in players for 2021 ANZ Premiership

Scramble to lock in players for 2021 ANZ Premiership2020-09-11T13:17:46+10:00
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      I would be surprised if Magic went for Marshall again. She is far from the best shooting import available. I understood last year when she was a last minute replacement for Falkner but surely there are better options available, even domestically. I’m sure she’s open to another contract, she probably won’t get an SSN one. It definitely seems like Kiwis rate her after that Super Club competition, I’ve never thought she was that strong here at ANL level.

      It will be interesting to see if Woulf is made to give up her Australian U21 spot. Australia has never had the explicit rules insisting on SSN participation to make national sides but they haven’t really been in a position where it’s been an eventuality. Maybe she actually wants to represent NZL, follow the Paseka route.

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        Marshall played really well at the super club competition but she didn’t look so hot at the pre-season event.

        If Mccollin does go to Magic then it should be to replace ALM. Season 2019 the shooters were Mcphee, Faulkner and ALM and it was a struggle, season 2020 was even harder. Metcalfe needs a complete change of style for the shooting circle.

        Hmm… she could ask Halpenny back :whistle:

        Oh has Chelsea Lewis had her baby yet? she would jump at the chance to play in NZ

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          Hoping Magic invest in NZ players in the shooting circle.

          One import shooter is enough in NZ.

          Magic lost Souness and Falkner. Unable to sign a very talented Waikato player in Wilshier. Must be something wrong with recruiting. They did sign one of the best GK players in the country though…

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            TS – I don’t disagree with you but are there any ANZP standard players left ?

            I expect Dunn and Eke to stay at Pulse. Who does that leave????

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              If the Magic are better (through an import shooter), that is good for the Magic and good for the ANZP. We have enough GS stocks for the moment – GA is where we need more depth.

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                It’s doesn’t help when teams recruit 4 shooters.

                Hopefully Faulkner and Metuarau have a great season and bridge the gap between Ekenasio, Mes and TPSR.

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                    The thing is there is literally no goal shoot talent in nz ready to step up to anz level I know I’ve scoped most of the talent out!

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                      Maybe magic are trying to import Cardwell. The announcements for VNSL are very slow even though the window is smaller this year so I’m wondering if there might be some more major moves happening.

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