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    So in a time of shutdown for most of the sporting world. Australia is still pressing ahead with AFL, NRL, A League.
    Most of the world has brought in very strict measures to help curve the spread of the Virus.
    Yet yesterday while watching a bit of NRL. I saw guys with blood pissing out of their head, not being taken of the field to be bandaged up. I saw guys blowing their nose straight onto the ground, then well you can work out the rest from there.

    It was 33deg on the Gold Coast yesterday, the players were sweating over everyone else.

    Is the piss weak Scott Morrison to feeble to want to stop these comps for a few weeks.

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    Yeah Australia is still so far behind the rest of the world. With schools still open, workers having to work everyday and restaurants, pubs, cafes still open surely the virus will continue to spread at a quick rate.

    Ian Harkin
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    AFLM postponed till May 31

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    If ALL sport is postponed I’m concerned for the IMPORT players who I’m sure would like to be home with their families BUT may not get flights out if/when a total lockdown happens.

    I suppose the said could be said of the interstate players as well.


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