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      Its obvious that you are a big fan of ALJ @leopard1 but I’ve seen every game that ALJ has played in, and she is just way to slow to be an effective goal keeper. Her height is an advantage in putting pressure on the shot, and getting a few rebounds. But speedy middies and shooting circles really expose her weakness which is she is very slow.
      Any btw Garrett played in 13 out of the 14 games for Magpies this year (i think), so maybe its you who should be watching a few replays, and being informed.
      In saying that, I was pleasantly surprised when ALJ got a few turnovers when on court this year, but that should be a given, not something people are surprised about.

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        Jbss, a fan of Lightning correct and a new member to the forum and as it happened ALJ was topical the day I came on board. I believe all I am doing is expressing an opinion about a young player doing her best. You can choose to agree or disagree as I do. Valid criticism of a player is not an issue but be balanced. These players have all done extremely well to get a contract so lets try and respect that. Tully has favorites but is very negative and blunt on for example ALJ. As I said look at the stats.

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          I am also a big ALJ fan, and have watched her over many years. Unfortunately Tully is right, she has never really made her mark at GK, despite years of development and transformation from GS. Garrett and Hinchliffe were preferred to her at U21 Aussie level, she barely got on court in 2 years with Fever, and her cameos were less than impressive. At Lightning she has been the same. We all rave about the intercept she took v Fever, but I dont think there were too many other gains to her name across 4 years, compare her to the other tall Defender in the league Rudy Ellis, who has sat on the bench for many games this year, but has had impact in almost all the games she was given an opportunity.
          I do not want to sound like I am bagging ALJ, I genuinely like her, and feel she is the victim of being forced from the position she would probably have thrived in (GS). It is not up to SSN teams to develop players, the league should focus on ready to play at the top level in the world, and tweak them to their needs.
          ALJ needs to go back to ANL and play GS, or even club level…gain her confidence, be redeveloped and with her height should get the opportunity down the track, she is only 23.
          I also question her focus, her instagram is full of her cake and biscuit making prowess, good on her for having a life outside netball, however, it shows me where her priorities are.
          Hope I am proven wrong and an SSN team pick her up and she gets opportunities and blows the competition away…Regrettably I cannot see it.

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            Not sure you are.

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              Did anyone else watch the Lightning awards night? To me it sounds like KP might not re-sign next year (I really hope I’m wrong though)

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                @Suzie123 Langman was also really emotional. At the end you could see her having a little cry to herself. Might only have one more season left in her sadly.

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                  Leopard1 clearly I have hit a nerve. Am I blunt? Yes. SSN is the premier netball competition in the world. I have not said ALJ is terrible. I have said she is not SSN standard as a GK. She isn’t. Footwork needs a lot of work.

                  Is calling Shimmin over the hill not blunt? A current international who is what 27 or 28 years old? I’d say that is rather negative. But it’s your opinion and your entitled to it as am I (and the other posters above) in regards to Lee-Jones.

                  I have watched the games. It’s on these that I form my opinions. But thank you for the suggestion.

                  If ALJ is as good as you say why have Lightning let her go? And what SSN club will sign her in your opinion?

                  Garrett had far more court time than ALJ so not sure what you are getting at there.

                  As for young players needing court time to prove themselves. Absolutely agree. Read my other posts where I am time and again calling for players like Nyah Allen, Allie Smith and Sophie Dwyer to be given contracts and court time. Or for Rudi Ellis who I rate as the best tall young GK in Australia to get on court. If they are good enough put them on. I have always said this.

                  Zara Collings
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                    Oh wow, that would be a huge loss for lightning!

                    I also really hope Tilly G moves clubs. If GK is her natural game then there isn’t much point staying at Collingwood where Ward and Mentor are pretty much cementing their spots. I’d love to see her at Fever, with a fever defence end of Bruce, Lewis, Aryang and Garrett. There’s enough experience through the rest of the team for it to work and at least then Garrett can compete with Aryang for GD bib andcan learn from Bruce – even though I’m really not a fan of all the dramatics. Or even Tbirds, but then the way they are going right now I wouldn’t really want that since it’s all a bit of a mess!

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                      I really hope this isn’t the last we’re seeing or Pretorius and Langman at SSN. I feel like if it was then maybe they would’ve mentioned it at the awards night or even prior, but I could be wrong.

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                        I think the ALJ is the 1st one to miss out. Aryang shows so much potential talent and I would sign her. I hope the SSN stay with 12 players and rolling subs as this year has shown we do have some emerging talent. I luv the imports but our young GS’s are missing out.

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                          2020 Sunshine Coast Lightning Award Winners:

                          Club Person of the Year – Dr Matthew Dwyer
                          Community Champion – Laura Scherian
                          Downer Team Spirit Award – Maddy McAuliffe
                          Hostplus Sustained Performer of the Year – Cara Koenen
                          Players’ Player of the Year – Karla Pretorius
                          Player of the Year – Karla Pretorius

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                            Pretorius just announced live on FB feed she is returning next year

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                              I have seen ALJ play GS, and I really like her there. At GK she is too slow, at GS she presents herself quite strongly.
                              In saying that, I saw her play there many years ago. Not too sure how’d she go now.

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                                I agree about ALJ. Also I think only being able to play GK would be an issue?
                                I would love to see Matilda G and I think her instagram story about her new local sort of confirms that?
                                If not Shimmin would be a great fit.

                                I can’t imagine KP wouldn’t be trying to stay playing in SSN until the NWC in Cape Town? She seems very settled there and she has so much to give still.

                                I did think Fever would have some changes but now I think they’ll be trying to stick with the same team. But switch Eagland for Aryang? Stacey Francis must feel like there’s unfinished business and they have such a good chance of winning next year?

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                                  Praying that Chelsea Pitman, Kate Shimmin and Sasha Glasgow get picked up by another team. Huge losses for the thunderbirds – where do we think they will end up?

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