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      Who loves Super Sunday? I do!!

      And if the reaction of the crowd is a gauge, so did the 000s who turned up at Horncastle Arena to watch what turned out to be 3 pulsating, exhilarating and close games. The Arena was not full and the numbers seemed to follow the same pattern as the first Super Sunday earlier in the season. Highest numbers for the middle game featuring the home team, with about the same numbers for the other two games. Those who came to watch all three games seemed to be on the same side of the Arena – which is good as that is the side the cameras face.

      With Dana Johansens comments in mind, I wondered on the way into Christchurch whether 3 games in an afternoon would be to much and to long. Knowing of course that I was going back again on Monday night. But I have to say that the afternoon just flew by. Being in a group helped as we discussed the games/players etc and keeping in touch with other friends who were watching on TV filled in the breaks between games.

      We arrived early to park close and find our seats before stocking up on refreshments and food to avoid the crowds during the breaks. We had come prepared with supporters gear. Little did I know what a sensation my sequinned blue Steel hat would be!!  But since I live in Canterbury I also had a red and black hat for the Tactix game. Pulse and Mystics missed out, not all that bothered about them.

      The organisers had prepared well. Lots of activities for people in the concourse to enjoy before the game and lots happening on-court before games, at qtr time breaks, half time and between games. And thankfully no commentary or loud music during games. Only announcements for player changes. I do have to comment that the Stadium management were not as prepared with food as there was only one food station open that I could see and the queues were really, really long during the breaks between games.

      After the first game I was a happy camper. But as with all of their games so far, Steel made it hard to win. They just don’t seem to be able to push on and maintain a lead when they gain it.

      Sat back and enjoyed the next two games. The interest was held because they were both so close and really could’ve gone either way. Really thought we were in for overtime with the Pulse/Mystics game. After posting that this would be the blow-out game!! And there was a lot of debate as to whether Mes was out of court, some said yes, some said no. But Maulder was right there and gave the goal. And I was happy Pulse were defeated. Only because they won’t go undefeated. Silly I know.

      Watching games live gives a whole different perspective on the skill levels, speed and movement of the players. And you can see a lot of the off the ball stuff that goes on. The pushing and shoving, jockeying for position, recognising intercepts and seeing the bad pass in slow motion almost.

      There was a lot of interaction amongst the crowd and it was great that everyone was there to enjoy the afternoon of netty. There didn’t seem to be a lot of Umpire heckling either. And I’d have to say that the level of Umpiring seemed to be the best so far this year. Didn’t spot any celebrities or overseas spies. Was to focussed on enjoying the netball.

      IMO this concept is a fantastic idea. To see all of the teams in action in one place on one day. Managed correctly it is a great days entertainment. At $41.50 for our Platinum seats, three games of netball. A bargain!! Especially when going to one game isn’t that much cheaper.

      The VSL in England manage to do something similar with their 10 team competition. 5 games in one place on the same day!! That would be heaven. Well for me it would.

      The SSN in Australia do not do anything like this. They have double-header games and Round 7 sees three games on Sunday but not all in the same venue. A mini super Sunday.

      Perhaps if anything, one or two a season would be plenty. That three is a bit too much? But perhaps to get the season completed within certain dates given the three round format that is what they need to do?

      I recall reading a post recently that NZ doesn’t have enough quality players for 6 teams. Well based on what we saw on Super Sunday, I’d disagree. And given the number of talented players being developed via the Beko League I’d say we could expand to 8 teams. Take some of the bench players in current teams, add those Beko Players coming through and a sprinkling of imports and 20 players for two more teams is doable. IMO. Not now but in another two years.

      Round Six is completed tonight with what I hope will be just as close and high quality a game as the four we have already had.

      I really do think the level has stepped up a notch this year.  Close, exhilarating, high quality games (well discounting Steels woeful performances against Pulse, oh and Mystics first one). So, on the whole a better quality product. Now I hope it continues for the rest of the season.

      Now my Steel hat will be rested until July 2nd when I go to the Steel/Pulse game a Stadium Southland.

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