The Site’s Security Is Your Responsibility, too

The Site’s Security Is Your Responsibility, too2019-06-07T00:51:10+10:00
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      Dear site users, you’ve heard way too much from me of late, but here’s the thing. The rules on this site as they concern user security need to change, & that change is taking place now. Users will soon need to confirm their registration via email. Those who don’t simply can’t post. The other thing is, because this site gives many users publishing access, your passwords need to be secure. That means they need to contain UpperandLowerCase,numbers1234 etc. It’s also best if they don’t spell dictionary words. Please see an article at to see how some decidedly nontechnical folks came up w/password schemes that pinned the WordPress strongometer.

      Additionally, if you use the same password on a variety of sites (strongly discouraged), & if that password has gotten used in a data breech, then you’ll need to reset it, as the bad actors have it in their possession, & it’s circulating around the web like poison. I apologize, but, again, for the security of the site, it’s necessary.

      Why is all this stuff about secure passwords required? Because the criminals try to sign in w/peoples’ usernames. I just got a note that an attempted user was blocked for trying to sign in w/a username of Ian. Had Ian’s password been easy-peasy, then this site would’ve been spammed again.

      So, ladies & gents, I am truly sorry for any inconvenience. The spam attack was surely more so. W/the world cup a little over a month away, we need to batton down the hatches & ensure that this site is as secure as it can be. Please check your password strength & generate a new 1 if it doesn’t meet requirements. Your cooperation in this will assist greatly in terms of securing this great site for all to enjoy, as well as keeping those out who have other intentions. Please unite behind Netball Scoop, your leaders, & your webservant regarding this–& thank you.

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