The splits & 3 second rule

The splits & 3 second rule2018-06-14T14:57:28+10:00
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      Having read a few comments in other topics I’m seeking some clarification into the 3 second rule and a few shooters who land doing ‘eye watering’ splits.

      I’ll admit I’m seeing this from a defender fan viewpoint so probably a little bias


      as amazing and entertaining as it is to watch a long legged athletic shooter catch an incoming ball and land in a split, that my Yoga instructor would be proud of, at what point does the umpire start the count? Often the shooter catches the ball, has to rebalance, turn to post, settle and then release obviously then scoring a GOAL lol

      I’ve watched and I’m not critising here, cause I would not want to be an umpire, it does seem to take an age compared with some of the held balls called outside the D


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