The stigma behind Netball

The stigma behind Netball2019-02-07T08:14:39+10:00
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      I’m currently working on a design project thats main aim is to increase the number of girls playing Netball (London in particular but any answers help) as they approach their early teens to young adult (14-19 years old).

      I would be very grateful if you could fill out a few of these questions to help me get a better understanding of the negative connotations Netball has and things that could debunk them.


      Netball Questionnaire



      Do you play / have you played netball?


      (If you currently play) What are the things that have kept you playing?


      (If you used to play) Why have you stopped playing?


      What do you think would make netball appeal more to people between the ages of 14 -19 years old?


      Feel free to pick and choose questions, any answers are much appreciated even if short.

      Thank you.

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