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      I started subscribing to The Sunday Times about a year ago as the Sports section started following & promoting more WOMEN in Sport:) BRILLIANT so I thought.

      Back this summer after The Netball Worlds and lack of not just Netball coverage but many of the other Sporting Womens’ events happening I decided to cancel.

      This was followed up very quickly bye someone within the Times Subscription Dept phoning me wanting to know WHY?

      Simple I told them: ‘lack of FEMALE SPORTS coverage’. The gentleman I spoke to sympathised and asked me to continue for the next 3 months as The Sunday Times were taking onboard, not just mine, but many readers concerns.

      I agreed to carry on subscribing and with The Times Sports Women of the Year being advertised and public votes being countered I assumed WRONGLY that there would a few more articles appearing about the achievements of Women in Sport.

      WRONG!!!! NOTHING!!! So again I decided to cancel and again I got a phone call except this time I asked the young man to make sure he passed on my complaints and my recording of our conversation to the editorial team.

      I suggested they give over one complete full page to women in sports alongside the 12 pages full of men involved in football, horse racing, boxing, F1, rugby the list goes on etc etc etc:

      YES he tells me will do and also gives me a number to call direct. So I phoned the 020..London Sunday Times number explained my angst and guess what CUT OFF!!!!

      Until The Media tabloids treat Women in Sport with at least 10% the coverage of men how are FEMALE role models ever going to lift the bar higher.


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        Yeah, shocking.

        The Telegraph started up a women’s section a while back with much fanfare. Wonder how they’re going now.

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          I’m afraid Boogie that the Sunday Times has been this way for years – they pay lip service to womens’ sport with their awards, for about a month, and then slide back into football, rugby, F1 and mens cricket. We all need to call them out on it on social media, but unfortunately, I doubt that will have a huge effect until there are more women on the sports desks! When I did my work experience (on the Sun’s sports desk) back in the dim and distant annals of time, they couldn’t even tell me where the ladies loo was, as there wasn’t a single woman on the sports team, and even now it’s not much better.

          Short term, I’d say that we all need to tweet the ST every week when there’s no womens sport in their paper and call them out on being the self-proclaimed “paper for womens’ sport”. Until they realise just how many readers they could lose, things won’t change.

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