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  • PICASSO123
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      Its not that I don’t like Moloney, its just that people hype her over other players who perform way better then her. I remember watching a few Vixens games this season and McKinnis leaving her on court when in fact she was the problem to their midcourt drive. She’s had a few good games but c’mon the Diamonds need a playmaker who is hungry and ALWAYS PERFORMS! I see people saying Parmenter isn’t ready but reality is: SHE’S THE SOLUTION TOWARDS SHUTTING DOWN whoever the Ferns or Roses put at WA. Its been a while since I’ve come across a WD like her (Simpson and Brazil being the other).

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        I dont know how much the Diamonds play against other nations outside of the Quad series and Constellation Cup, but my team selection would definitely change for a tour outside those competitions. I’d tweak my choice to get the caps and experience up.

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          And this is exactly where the problem lies for the Diamonds!
          Outside of Quad Series or CC, diamonds rarely ever play a few test matches against other countries or one of the countries involved in the Quad Series (other than NZ). This puts SO MUCH pressure on figuring out who the best players are jsut through those two series. Additionally, it means younger Diamonds squad players get very slow exposure to the game play at that level because the team is ONLY playing to win. Winning is important for any team but they need to balance that with bringing in new players. This is why there’s so much pressure on this CC, not just because COVID has this year caused some series to be cancelled, but in general they only get these 4 matches to test combinations, explore depth, and expose some fresh legs.

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            I would start Simpson at WD but I’d live to also have Parmenter. Shame they’re both specialist WDs but. Nice little train-up opportunity if numbers allow 🙂

            Zara Collings
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              Netballcrazy1, that’s very true! It’s a shame the Diamonds didn’t participate in the nations cup at the start of this year in England. Was a great chance for the other teams to get exposure and caps against their younger players, such as Poi, Carter, Fisher, Cardwell etc. All who I’m sure will go on to have great international careers! Diamonds could have taken a squad with Turner, Austin and even Parmenter to see where their young guns sit amongst the other nations. Would have been great!

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                In the last few years, the only time Aust has played anyone but NZ, Eng, SA is at the Comm Games and World Cup.

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                  Australia’s lack of exposure to international teams has cost them recently I think. Having not played much against England before 2018 and of course the breakaway from ANZC left a lot of the players a bit bewildered at how to deal with the style of the opposition teams in my opinion. The 2018 final was more the Diamonds having a bad game at the wrong time, but in 2019 it genuinely felt like they had absolutely no idea how to handle players like Crampton, Ekenasio and Watson.

                  I’d like to see the Quad series expanded to a 6 or 8 team competition in the off-cycle years. Uganda, Malawi and T&T are now at the level where they can compete pretty well with the top teams and aside from exposing some of their talent it would allow the Diamonds to get a run against more teams.

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                    Agree al_ex with Zara. Needs to be much more exposure to teams outside of the Quad Series otherwise, it is only going to get harder for the Diamonds team of the future to combat different styles of play out of nowhere.

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                      I have read everyone’s comments and very interesting, all have merit. Picking the final 12 very difficult but heres my pick, plus I’ll pick extras to make the diamobd squad.
                      Gs kara koenan
                      Ga steph wood
                      Wa liz watson
                      C kate maloney
                      Wd amy parmenter
                      Gd jo weston
                      Gk courtney bruce
                      Caitlin basset, kiera austin,paige hadley, jamie-lee price, emily mannix, kym jenner.
                      My wider squad – kate eddy (wd,gd), maddy proud (not quite ready), teigan phillp, sophie garbin, sara klau, laura scherian or mahalia cassidy, maybe moore.
                      Time will tell, does stacey have favourites???

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                        Very hard to choose and usually changes for me weekly haha
                        GS – Bassett
                        GA – Austin
                        WA – Watson
                        C – Hadley
                        WD – Simpson
                        GD – Weston
                        GK – Bruce
                        Bench – Wood, Koenen, Proud, Mannix, Klau
                        Shooters I think pick themselves, Horjus and Dwan have been good but way too inexperienced yet
                        Midcourt is harder but I really don’t rate Price and Moloney
                        Defence was a bit easier because I really think Bruce at GD with Klau or Mannix at GK would be amazing
                        Extended squad should include Garbin, Glasgow, Price, Parmenter, Moloney, Cassidy, Jenner, Eddy, Turner
                        I’d also love to see Dunkley, Lewis, Bragg, Nankivell and maybe Horjus and Dwan in like Australia A or something to give them exposure at top level

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                          If Bassett isn’t eligible for selections, who would be the fourth shooter? Or would there even be a fourth shooter? I think I’d go for Garbin despite her inconsistencies. Dwan has been better but I don’t think Austin/Dwan/Wood are a meaningful GS changeup at this stage.

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                            I think so too, last year I would have said Glasgow but she needs time to get some games in post acl. Garbin has shown that she can dominate if the midcourt show confidence in her. I think if Basset were unavailable I would take Garbin and give Watson, Hadley etc the instructions to throw it the second she puts a hold on.

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                              This is a hard decision but I’ll go on what I’ve seen on here and during matches.

                              Long Squad:
                              Shooters: Koenen, Bassett, Austin, Wood, Dwan
                              Midcourters: Watson, Hadley, Price, Moloney, Parmenter
                              Defenders: Weston, Mannix, Bruce, Klau, Jenner, Eddy

                              Starting 7:
                              GS: Koenen
                              GA: Wood
                              WA: Watson (C)
                              C: Price
                              WD: Moloney
                              GD: Weston
                              GK: Bruce (VC)

                              Bench: Bassett, Austin, Hadley, Jenner, Klau

                              IMO Watson should be named captain over Bassett. It’s hard to be an effective shooter and captain (not that she’s done a bad job).

                              Weston hasn’t had a standout season but she’s a cleaner GD than Jenner. If Jenner cleans up her game then she’ll start for sure.

                              Bruce has earned that starting GK role, Klau has been quiet this season but she still should be in the long squad. But if you want to go off combos then swap them for Mannix.

                              Wood over Austin for starting GA due to her connections with Koenen, who has played a lot more than Bassett has. If Bassett starts then swap her for Austin.

                              Price has been the best C this season for Australia tbh (no I don’t like how rough she is). Moloney has been solid however, especially with Watson at WA so if you want to stick to combos then swap Price and Moloney.

                              I’m an English supporter (I’m from the UK) but the lack of GS options for the Diamonds does concern me. Apart from Bassett and Koenen, there are none really (yes there’s Garbin, Stanton, Glasgow but they need a lot more court time if they’re going to get anywhere near Diamonds).

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                                ^^ add Proud to the long squad as well. Definitely had her standout season this year.

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                                  Garbin? With the exception of one quarter her form has been ordinary. Stanton? Next to no court time and not great when she has been on.Glasgow needs a full preseason and SSN season.

                                  If Bassett is out then as unpopular as it may be I would expect it would extend the international career of Philip for another year or so. Then when Bueta returns she takes that spot. Early in the season I didn’t think Philip was playing well at all but the last two weeks she has been strong and is in better form than the other contenders such as Garbin and Stanton. Yes yes I hear you what has Philip done in the green and gold before but on form name me a shooter other than Koenen, Wood and Austin that is playing better (on the basis that both Bassett and Thwaites are unavailable)? Dwan? Yes, I agree but a year or so in the broader squad. With Koenen and Austin the youngsters are being blooded and with experience around them to guide them. I can’t see the selectors just giving away Diamonds dresses.

                                  They may go for only 3 shooters in the team of 12 and have Philip on standby.

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