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      Hi, all, & a joyous Easter & Passover weekend to those who celebrate them. Since 1 of the major problems on any site is difficulty logging in, I thought perhaps I’d offer some tips here to see if they’re helpful.


      Netball Scoop has a great feature wherein it remembers your credentials if you ask it. So do many browsers. But a new device obviously breaks that bigtime, because those details were actually saved to your device. So does clearing your browser cache, if your password was stored in your browser. So what can you do?


      1 thing you can do is to choose the ‘Login’ option from the menu, or type:

      into the address bar of your browser.


      Enter the username or email address w/which you’re signed up. Then click the ‘Lost Your Password?’ link to reset your password.


      Password managers are programs that allow you to store your passwords & then enter the appropriate one into the site into which you’re logging in. These are available for all platforms now. My particular favorite is Keepass (yeah–I know) available at There are others that are equally good. You can back your passwords up to a flash memory stick & take them anywhere–just download the program to the device & you’re off! The great advantage to this type of solution is that it allows you to keep passwords for each site you visit rather than using a single password for multiple sites. Clearly, if that 1 password gets exposed in some way, then the dominos come tumbling down. Password managers prevent that. Even if you lose your USB stick, if you made your password tankproof, the ne’er-do-wells won’t be able to access it.


      Lastly, if you still can’t log in, contact a site admin (replying here is fine), & someone will help.


      Netball Scoop is a lot more fun when you’re logged in, so go ahead–dive in–the water’s great! & hopefully this tidbit will help if you can’t.

    Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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    Forums Trouble Logging in? This Might Help!

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