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    There is a new Committee helping to manage Scoop. Happily, many of the old stagers like Ian and Jenny Sinclair are still there, but a few of us have been roped in as new blood. Lurch did a sterling job handling several roles at once, and these have now been broken down and are being taken by different people, and I am president of the Scoop Committee. I will report shortly on the personnel and what we are up to, after we formalise some details, and we will also be asking for help in a couple of particular areas.

    In the meantime, we chose the Christmas and New Year period to do an upgrade of the website operating systems, and will also take the opportunity to archive older posts. That should tidy up some loose ends and speed the system up. All the stuff will still be there, but if you want to look at something prior to 2018 you will need to go through the Archive button, except where Ian has identified some ongoing threads which will be quarantined from archiving. So, you should not notice any difference, and our webmaster is using a separate server during the upgrade, so we expect the process to be smooth. But, in case the gremlins get in, please be patient with us.

    This might be the opportunity for a reminder that the only person on the Scoop team who is paid any money is the website administrator, a woman based in America who gets a small monthly fee for maintaining the servers and problem solving; the rest of us are volunteers. Scoop pays for the web hosting and anything else we do  by donations; some of you give us a regular donation and some of you make spasmodic ones. If you have not donated for a while and have any money left over after Christmas, we will be delighted if you give it to Scoop via the donations button.


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