What can I do to improve my daughter’s netball skills?

What can I do to improve my daughter’s netball skills?2017-09-20T06:11:16+10:00
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      My seven-year-old daughter Hayley has very limited netball skills, and I’m wondering what I can do to improve them.

      Last year, we enrolled her in soccer. She didn’t love it, and was by far the worst on her team. After the season ended, I sat down with her and asked if she wanted to try a new sport or not do sports at all. She said she would like to try netball.

      So, we followed her request this year and enrolled her in a local netball league. She trains once a week on Wednesdays, and plays games on Saturdays. The kids rotate positions often, so she gets to try lots of different positions. However, in the process we have noticed that she is very bad at netball. She often drops catches and can’t throw very far, and she always misses her shots at goal. However, she does have very encouraging teammates (“Good try Hayley” when she misses a shot or “Great job!” when she makes a good pass).

      Recently, Hayley came up to me and admitted that she thinks she is bad at netball. I then asked her if she wanted to stop playing and do something else (or nothing), but she replied saying that netball is fun for her, she just isn’t very good at it.

      And here’s the thing: she must have pretty good fine motor skills because she is a very talented and precise drawer and her handwriting is well above her grade standard. Maybe it’s her whole body motor skills and coordination that don’t stack up. After all, she isn’t a very good dancer simply because she can’t move her body the way she wants.

      So, the question: what can I do to improve Hayley’s netball skills?

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