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    Bluffers guide: We have a new Committee, are rebuilding the website, and NEED YOUR DONATIONS

    Those of you who have been following Netball Scoop for a while will know that Michael Hutchinson stepped down as Chair and one of the key drivers of the site late last year. A few people stepped in to take over Michael’s many roles, and, behind the scenes we have gradually been getting our paperwork and processes sorted. We now have a new Committee, which you can read about in the About Us part of the site. It comprises most of the stalwarts from the old team, plus a few new people to provide new blood and fresh ideas. I am delighted to report that we have continued to have the – voluntary – services of two people who are crucial to the professional conduct and output of the site, Ian Harkin and Jenny Sinclair. From trawling the internet for relevant articles, keeping spammers at bay, to running Fantasy Netball comps, soccer sweeps and a million other things, this place could simply not exist without Ian, and his patience as we ask him to provide myriad bits of information is admirable. If you enjoy the articles and photography on Netball Scoop, work that is of consistent high quality, you have Jenny Sinclair to thank for that. As Managing Editor Jenny does a small but significant part of the writing and none of the photographs, but she has also recruited our talented team, and leads them with a steadfast commitment to quality work and integrity.

    I am sure that you will join me in thanking Jenny and Ian, and all of the committee and contributors for their hard work  and excellent contribution.

    People are absolutely key to the running of Netball Scoop, but they are not the only thing. We need a well maintained, robust website which can handle all of the numerous tasks we throw at it. We have a very dedicated and able technical support person, Jackie McBride from Abletec, who looks after the technical aspects of the site for us (and is the only person who receives a – ridiculously small – regular payment for her work). Many of you have seen her recent posts about the measures she is taking to defend the site from spammers and hackers.   Jackie has been warning the Committee for a while that the infrastructure of the site is old and staggering, and will need to be rebuilt rather than repaired once again. We have taken her advice, and are in the process of contracting to get a new site built and operational in time for the Netball World Cup. We will keep you informed as things progress.

    But we need your help. Rebuilding the site costs lots of money for a small, not-for-profit voluntary organisation like ours. Paying for this will leave the coffers empty, so we need to raise more funds, ASAP, which is where you come in. The easiest way for Netball Scoop to raise money is through donations from netball fans who enjoy the services we provide, with no strings (or data theft) attached. It has always been a delight to me that this site is immune from all of the digital tracking that blights so many other places on the internet. We do not sell any information about our users, or allow tracking or other dubious activities. We do not make money out of any of your visits to the site, and do not intend to change that practice. We do sell a small amount of non-invasive advertising, relevant to netball fans, and will continue to do that, but as we stand advertising alone is enough to sustain Netball Scoop’s activities.

    So, if you have not donated for a while and have a few dollars to spare, please go to the donation button and give us what you can. Some of you already make regular donations, and we are very grateful for that expression of ongoing support. If you are not in a position to give us any money at the moment, please do not feel guilty; that is what makes the Scoop community so wonderful – we give information, views, analysis and occasionally money when we are in a position to do so, and happily receive the contributions of others when we need to. All are welcome here.

    I will update you shortly on our very exciting plans for comprehensive coverage of the Netball World Cup


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