What’s next for Dan Ryan?

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      After watching one of the game in the Trans Tasman Cup where Dan Ryan was commentating, it got me thinking. Where is Dan Ryan going next, and what will he be doing? Are there any assisstant coaching roles left in any of the SSN teams, if so which ones? Is there any head coaching positions left for any of the UK teams, if so which ones? Could Dan Ryan be taking a year or two off, and just doing some lower level coaching in his spare time? But the one question that has really been going through my mind: Could Dan Ryan potentially do some commentating in the SSN next year? I really enjoyed his expert commentary during the TTC and I think he would do an awesome job in commentary in the SSN, he would certainly be better than some of the other ones we have who don’t really know netball that well. It would be a good story arc for him really, playing for the Australian Sonix, being an assisstant coach for the Thunderbirds, coaching in the Vitality Superleague, becoming head coach of the Thunderbirds, being fired from the Thunderbirds, and then finishing off his career (or at least taking the next step in it) as a professional commentator for SSN. I could also see him doing a lot of work behind the scenes to promot men’s netball, and start to make it more official and known about in the community. Just my interesting thoughts on it anyway.

      I would be interested to know if anyone has any information on what he may be planning to do next year, or have any guesses or suggestions on what he could be doing.

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