Will the Silver Ferns starters please stand up?

Will the Silver Ferns starters please stand up?2022-05-10T06:20:36+10:00

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  • Ian Harkin
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        The only guaranteed 60 minuter in my mind currently is Burger at WD.

        I always thought out defence end would rotate a half game each. Whoever the final four are (all great in their own right) but I don’t feel like they’re 60 minute options against the Top 3. For example, Karaka and Fitzpatrick to start and then a switch with Jury and another?

        Poi, MRB or Gordon in C (not Kersten)

        Crampton/Saunders sharing WA.

        Shooting end wise, again combinations for a half each.

        I might be alone in thinking this?

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          Agree WW. Burger is the standout in the ANZ.

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            Tonight on the news Wilson said she is still not making the targets post Covid.
            So those I know of –

            Pretty certain Crampton and Johnson are not either

            So who else – most of the current squad?

            Saunders said that consistent quality netball is the issue and she wasn’t just referring to herself. I’d say that is pretty obvious – some players are outstanding one game and dismal the next.

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              Stumbled across the Inside Netball podcast chat between Adine Wilson and Deb Fuller from a week ago.

              Wilson, I assume she has background about the Ferns programme but was asking questions on behalf of the viewer about what makes up the fitness testing – bronco, yoyo and vertical jump. Sounds like it’s a cumulative ‘score’ if you will, but the yoyo holds the most weight re your aerobic fitness and capacity.

              Fuller said three girls are hitting 20+ in the yo-yo with one of them a ‘part time Silver Fern’.

              Wilson was really pressing on the standards and Fuller was short and to the point, essentially saying if you want to be in the Ferns you will make it happen, prepare adequately and be ready to put your best foot forward.

              Sometimes it can be difficult to follow Taurua in interviews, but certainly from Fuller it was crystal clear that fitness and then fit (team and cultural fit) were critical in moulding the 12.

              I think we might have a team of liquorice allsorts at this stage 😂

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