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  • Andrew Kennedy
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    Dear friends, we have two months to go to get Suncorp netball in Aus. I am endlessly watching the World Cup 2019 and thinking, if I had to pick a team to play Australia WITH ONE PERSON PER COUNTRY, who would it be?

    So, rules of this fantasy survey are – you pick only seven players; they all must be from different countries (so, you can’t have Potgieter at GS and Pretorius at GD) and whatever country you’re from clearly you can’t have anyone from your homeland. Oh the other rule is that they have to have played at least once in that position for their country. You’ll see below in my picks that even though Guthrie generally plays C for England, she has played WA and I want her there for her defence and tenacity.

    Also, they have to be playing for their national team from 2018-2020. Current players please.

    Here’s mine

    GS – Peace Proscovia (Uganda)
    GA – Sindi Sintowe (Malawi)
    WA – Serena Guthrie (England)
    C – Caroline O’Hanlon (N Ireland)
    WD – Laura Langman (NZ)
    GD – Karla Pretorius (South Africa)
    GK – Shamera Sterling (Jamaica)

    Here’s an alternative one

    GS – Ameliranne Ekenasio (NZ)
    GA – Helen Housby (England)
    WA – Lisa McCaffrey (N Ireland)
    C – Erin Burger (SA)
    WD – Claire Maxwell (Scotland)
    GD – Vangelee Williams (Jamaica)
    GK – Towera Vinkhumbo (Malawi)

    Ian Harkin
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    Good idea.

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    Team that I would love to see
    GS Mvula
    GA Oyella
    WA Haythornthwaite
    C Langman
    WD Kwangwa
    GD Pretorius
    GK Sterling

    Team that I think would win
    GS Proscovia
    GA McCollin
    WA Lwazi
    C Guthrie
    WD Langman
    GD Pretorius
    GK Sterling

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    Ooh I like this!
    My world team would be:
    GS: Peace (UG)
    GA: McCollin
    WA: Watson
    C: Langman
    WD: O’Hanlon
    GK: Sterling
    Would potentially change Peace for Sam Wallace but couldn’t think of another GA I’d like.

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    Love this – but not a simple task: I’ve ended up with

    GS Wallace
    GA McCollin
    WA Lwazi
    C O’Hanlon
    WD Nia Jones
    GD Pretorius
    GK Sterling


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    For some reason it won’t let me edit – I forgot NZ! So I’m afraid Nia Jones gets benched in favour of Langman at WD!!

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    GS: Sam Wallace (Trinidad)
    GA: Helen Housby (England)
    WA: Rachel Nanygona (Uganda)
    C: Laura Langman (NZ)
    WD: Claris Kwaramba (Zimbabwe)
    GD: Karla Pretorius (SA)
    GK: Shamera Sterling (Jamaica)

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