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  • Jinxibo
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      I’m watching the NZ v GB Rugby league game and i got to thinking who would i select in my GB netball squad…

      I know for the GB lions there is no quota on the number of players you can select from each home nation so that is the only rule. So if you had to select 2 squads of 12, a GB and a GB A team who would you pick ???

      The format should be in terms of, shooters – mid court – defence

      Northern Ireland

      It’s a dream team so you can pick injured players

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        GB Squad

        Shooters: Harten, HH, Fisher, Gallagher
        Mid-court: Guthrie, Cobden, Nat H, O’Hanlon
        Defence: Geva, Layla, Toner, EUB

        GB Squad A

        Shooters: Barrie, Cardwell, Dunn, SDL
        Mid-court: Maxwell, Jade C, Pitman, Iona Christain
        Defence: Mulhern, Williams, M Magee, Shimmin

        That was tough, I’ve had to juggle it around to ensure I have cover for the WA position :-)

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          Interesting squads but you have missed Wales as an option and also Northern Ireland isn’t in Great Britain. It’s the United Kingdom that includes NI.

          Ian Harkin
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            At the Olympics, it is “Great Britain and Northern Ireland”. This is why I can’t understand all the fuss over there in getting netball into the Olympics, because Scotland, Wales and N.Ireland would all get swallowed up. If they picked an Olympic team based purely on form alone, it’s doubtful any more than perhaps one player from outside England would make it.

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              OMG Phil T I complete forgot them.

              I said this was tough, Barrie or Rowe huh … i want Nia Jones in there somewhere.

              Ian – i’m not thinking about the Olympics but maybe a GB netball lions tour !!!!

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