Gold Coast Scoop – Day 8

Gold Coast Scoop – Day 8

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Classification rounds took place on the final day of play at the Gold Coast Convention and Exhibition Centre. With placings from 5th to 12th on offer, most results went according to prediction. The athletes we spoke to loved their Commonwealth Games experience.

5th and 6th placing: South Africa defeated Uganda 53 – 42 Match report here
7th and 8th placing: Malawi defeated Northern Ireland 60 – 52 Match report here
9th and 10th placing: Scotland defeated Barbados 50 – 48 in ET (match report on Netball Scoop)
11th and 12th placing: Wales defeated Fiji 81 – 32 (match report to come on Netball Scoop)

Scotland celebrate. Photo: Simon Leonard


Thandie Galleta (Malawi). Photo: Simon Leonard



There were (thankfully) no serious injuries in today’s play, although many players were sporting a remarkable collection of bruises, braces and tape.

An injured Mthembu. Photo: Simon Leonard


Spotted at the netball were these gorgeous ladies wearing traditional Fijian wreaths. Sadly their team didn’t win, but the ladies enjoyed the match.


Photo: Jenny Sinclair



We bring you more photos from our popular series.

Netballers as soccer players. Photo: Simon Leonard


Netballers as hurdlers. Photo: Simon Leonard


Netballers as long jumpers. Photo: Simon Leonard


Netballers as ballerinas. Photo: Simon Leonard.


Netballers as volleyballers. Photo: Simon Leonard.



We cast our eye over the statistics of the top four nations who will be playing in the semi-finals. This is what caught our eye:

The individuals – there are a couple of standout performances we want to pay tribute to.

Susan Pettitt and Caitlin Thwaites (both Australia) are each shooting at over 99%. They’ve each missed just one goal for the entire tournament, a remarkable feat. Caitlin has shot 130 goals, and Susan 82 goals at goal shooter and goal attack respectively.

Shamera Sterling (Jamaica) is having a standout tournament, ranked 1st for intercepts, deflections and gains, and 2nd for pick ups.

Fionnuala Toner (Northern Ireland) is now ranked at number three in the tournament for intercepts – a remarkable feat considering she’s the only midcourter ranked in the top 9.

The teams

Australia England Jamaica New Zealand
Total goals 413 342 351 292
Percentage 95% 88% 87% 79%
Intercepts 58 44 56 40
Deflections 84 90 87 63
Rebounds 37 32 48 51
Turnovers 70 68 113 83
Penalties 234 232 266 302

Glancing at the top four nations’ statistics is interesting. While numbers are relatively similar in most areas, there are a few interesting trends.

Australia and Jamaica clearly lead the way for intercepts. Most of Jamaica’s are through their brilliant young keeper, Shamera Sterling, who is ranked 1st in this tournament for intercepts and deflections. Having clean ball use definitely gives a team an advantage.

New Zealand and Jamaica have both excelled in rebounding, although many of these have come through their shooting partners.

Jamaica have committed 30 turnovers more than the second ranked nation, New Zealand, which may prove costly in the pressure cooker of finals. Australia and England have had the least to date.

In the entire competition, England, Australia and Jamaica are three of the four least penalised countries, allowing them to build pressure on the opposition by remaining in play. New Zealand needs to lower their penalty rate to help achieve this.

Australia clearly has a superior shooting percentage to other countries, and in a close game this could prove crucial. They are 16% higher than New Zealand, who they will play on Saturday.


Ever wondered what netball reporters do when they aren’t sitting on the media bench? Down in the tunnel is an area called the “Mixed Zone”. It’s where interviews take place once the players exit the court. Pictured here is Andrew Kennedy along with other media representatives.

Photo: Simon Leonard.



Photo: Simon Leonard


Photo: Marcela Massey

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