Gold Coast Scoop – Day 9

Gold Coast Scoop – Day 9

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It’s been a rest day for netball, so today’s Gold Coast Scoop will be devoted to bringing you some of our favourite photos from the Games to date. Enjoy!

Caroline O’Hanlon. Photo: Simon Leonard


Vangalee Williams. Photo: Simon Leonard


Fakahokotau leaps over Harten. Photo: Simon Leonard


Scotland win 9th! Photo: Simon Leonard


Eyes on the ball. Photo: Simon Leonard


Mentor flies over Folau. Photo: Simon Leonard


Photo: Simon Leonard


Photo: Marcela Massey


Laura Geitz challenges Shonica Wharton. Photo: Simon Leonard


Which ball are we using? Photo: Marcela Massey


Jamaica celebrate after beating South Africa. Photo: Marcela Massey


Geva Mentor gives Peace Proscovia a helping hand. Photo: Simon Leonard


Tracey Neville chats to Wales’ injured Bethan Dyke. Photo: Marcela Massey.


What was she saying? Photo: Marcela Massey

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  1. Pardalote April 14, 2018 at 12:08 pm

    Fabulous, fabulous photos, and captions. Well done all. I feel like a should be paying a lot of money for this service

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