London Pulse trainer-exchange community project

London Pulse trainer-exchange community project

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London Pulse recently confirmed a trainer-exchange community project, spearheaded by current Pulse and England Roses programme athlete Ellie Rattu.

The intention is to distribute the shoes to parts of the wider East London community in connection with club partner and leading law firm, Pogust Goodhead.

Rattu shared more about the initiative on The Netball Show podcast.

“This idea is to essentially collect as many used or unwanted trainers that we can then distribute to the different secondary schools around our community. It’s an idea so that hopefully all the students have suitable sports trainers for PE lessons, sports outside of school to get people involved as much as possible whether that’s netball or other sports.”

“With the cost of living crisis there is definitely a need and it’s been something that has on my mind along with Sam Bird (London Pulse’s head coach and CEO) for some time. We have finally got the opportunity to put the plan into action and there is unfortunately always a needs especially around the various communities in London and the fact we can start this with those closest to the communities closest to the Copper Box and on our doorstep is great.”


Rattu is confident that these initial drives will also lead to something on a wider scale with more collection points to reach a wider community in the future and her role in these visits is appreciated.

“I get to travel all across London and to visit lots of different schools with lots of different students and different backgrounds. It’s just great that Pulse is really making connections with young girls and boys across London given how big it is and it’s great that we get to go in and meet them and spend time with them, coach them and play netball with them. ”

Rattu has been part of the national program and recognises how much her game has improved since being part of it.

“Since being in the Roses program this last year, I think it’s been incredible to look at the sort of games that I played before that and then look at some stuff now. What a privilege that it’s been and I’m so excited to get back into this season with our team with our new players. We’ve been together a lot of us in the Roses camp for the past couple of months and so we’re excited to get back with the rest of the girls and see what we can do especially with the addition of Jade and Chelsea.”

Pulse’s leadership group for 2023 includes Zara Everitt as captain, Lindsay Keable as vice captain, with places in the leadership group for Jade Clarke and Liv Tchine.

“One of the good things about Pulse is that we’ve got so many people that can step up and lead. Zara did an incredible job over the last season, and so it was really fitting that she was captain again this year. Lindsay is great, she’s a teacher so she’s been around and is sort of a mother figure. It’s great to have her knowledge and leadership again so I’m glad that we’ve kept that.”

“Bringing in the likes of Jade Clarke who’s just got 200 caps is just incredible and her experience is going to bring so much to us and then Liv has been part of the club since it was first formed so its fitting that we’ve got her as she knows what London Pulse is – she brings so much into her game and so much to us as a group. She’s so funny and everyone gets on really well with her so with that combination we’ve got a great leadership team that will hopefully go to help us out and get us into the final.”


London Pulse in 2022. Image: England Netball


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