NS EXCLUSIVE: The Liverpool Scoop – Day 1

NS EXCLUSIVE: The Liverpool Scoop – Day 1

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Compiled by Andrew Kennedy, Katrina Nissen and Jenny Sinclair


Day 1 – Friday 12th July




New Zealand 64 defeated Malawi 45

The Silver Ferns opened the tournament with a hard fought win against the Malawi Queens. The Ferns looked shaky to start which the Queens exploited to take a 2 goal lead early. Full match report can be found here.


Barbados 69 defeated Singapore 34

In their opening match Barbados stylishly accounted for Singapore, amassing double their score. Bajan goal keeper Shonette Azore-Bruce had a field day with 14 gains in 60 minutes, while the two goal shooters used had a bit of a showdown, Latonia Blackman with 22 from 23 and Shonica Wharton 27 from 29. Singaporean icon Charmaine Soh at goal attack scored more than 60% of her side’s goals but couldn’t do all the work alone. Her team were simply no match for the gritty, experienced, aerial flair of their Caribbean opponents. 


Australia 88 defeated Northern Ireland 24

In a very classy clinical match, the Diamonds showed their versatility in tactics and personnel, scoring over 20 goals every quarter. Northern Irish captain Caroline O’Hanlon left the court in dramatic circumstances during the third quarter after clashing with Jamie-Lee Price, leaving her concussed on the ground. Full match report can be found here.


 Zimbabwe 79 defeated Sri Lanka 49

 For their first-ever showing at a World Cup, the Zimbabwe Gems provided more than just on-court entertainment. Despite being on court two, their hundreds of supporters sang and yelled the house down, not even just for goals and intercepts, but with cheers even for a successful pass! There’s especially a lot to “lov” about their goal attack Ursula Ndlovu who must be the most slippery zippy shooter in Africa. The Sri Lankans couldn’t keep pace with the Zimbabweans and even looked indecisive feeding their 210cm tall shooter Tharjini Sivalingam. After three competitive quarters the Sri Lankans had a disastrous final 15 mins with 10 turnovers. The Zimbabweans rocketed away winning the last quarter by 19 goals, the final score 79 to 49.


Jamaica 85 defeated Fiji 29

The Sunshine Girls brought their Caribbean flare to Liverpool when they put out an aerial spectacle against the Fijian Pearls. Highlights of the match were  Vangelee Williams stunning full-court defence, Romelda Aiken and Jhaniele Fowler teaming up in the circle and Fiji’s glimpses of brilliance which the crowd ate up. Full match report here


South Africa 76 defeated Trinidad & Tobago 45

Despite a close opening term, South Africa slowly but steadily opened up the score against Trinidad & Tobago. While the Calypso girls have an impressive front line, led by Samantha Wallace, the experience of South Africa’s Phumza Maweni, Karla Pretorius and Shadine van der Merwe created a number of turnover opportunities. Assistant coach Nicole Cusack’s fingerprints were all over the attacking end, with some superb triangles creating smooth scoring opportunities. Markya Holzhausen is looking in tremendous form, after putting in a huge preseason. 


England 64 defeated Uganda 32

In the most physical contest of the day, the Roses fought off a persistent She Cranes outfit. The controversial match saw Ugandan centre, Stella Oyella, sent off for 2 minutes during the third quarter for persistent contact. She only lasted another 4 minutes and 50 seconds during the third quarter, when she was sent off for the remainder of the match, following a dangerous and deliberate contact on Jade Clark. It is an unfortunate consequence that the dismissals overshadowed the celebration of Jo Harten’s 100th international test match. Read the full match report here


Scotland 53 defeated Samoa 35

Emily Nicholl of the Scottish Thistles lead the way for her team’s convincing win over Samoa. The goal defence played the full match and finished with two intercepts, four gains and seven deflections. Rachel Rasmussen (sister of New Zealand Silver Fern Grace Kara) took the court for her second Netball World Cup, after first representing Samoa in the 2003 World Cup. 




Zimbabwe celebrate their first World Cup appearance 

The Zimbabwe Gems were welcomed to the court for the fourth match of day by a boisterous Liverpool crowd. The cheers rang throughout the entire match in celebration of every goal, defensive gain or slick pass. The crowd were spurred on by the African supporters ululating and beating their drums. 

Speaking with fans after the match, they could not wipe the pride off their faces for, firstly, Zimbabwe qualifying for the World Cup and secondly, putting in such a complete and joyous performance.  


Opening Ceremony

The opening ceremony took place between the morning and afternoon sessions and was a celebration of girls, women, and the Beatles.  

The ceremony opened with Lady Liverpool belting out a tune. It was followed by team introductions, each of whom were ushered by young girls dressed in one-of-a-kind costumes which represented their teams’ colours and national heritage. 

An interpretive dance featuring unique, netball inspired choreography culminated in ‘Lucy’ being lowered from the ‘sky’ holding ‘diamonds’. An incredible lighting show was a highlight throughout. 

Speeches were kept to a minimum, and included the incoming Chair of the INF, the Chair of the Netball World Cup organising committee, and the national Minister for Sport.


Picture by Alex Whitehead/SWpix.com – 12/07/2019 – Netball – Vitality Netball World Cup – NWC Opening Ceremony – M&S Bank Arena, Liverpool, England – Aerial performance.

World record holder singing national anthems

14-year-old Canadian world record holder, Capri Everitt, will be singing all the national anthems of the 16 teams during the first three days of play.  Capri knows 80 national anthems, and has learned an additional 8 for the tournament. The whole stadium was entranced by her voice when she sung the Northern Ireland sporting national anthem, “Danny Boy”.  If you get a chance, we urge you to watch replays of her performances. 

Accompanying Capri at each rendition is the Liverpool Signing Choir. The group was formed in 2008, and their priority is to break down the barriers of social exclusion while performing songs through the beauty of sign language. 

Capri Everette singing the national anthem, with the Liverpool Signing Choir. Photo: Danny Dalton


World’s tallest netballer

Sri Lankan goal shooter, Tharjini Sivalingam is the tallest netballer in the world. The veteran athlete stands at 2.06cm. The next tallest athletes at the World Cup are Romelda Aiken and Jhaniele Fowler who stand at 1.96cm.

Sri Lankan Tharjini Sivalingam towers over her opponent. Image May Bailey



to Jo Harten, who played her 100th international game today.



Jhaniele Fowler (Jamaica) sharing a giggle with her Fijian opponent. Image May Bailey.


Gary Burgess – ACME whistles

Netball England’s Head of Officiating, Gary Burgess, organised for all the World Cup umpires to receive personalised matt black ACME Thunderers. He spoke exclusively to Netball Scoop ahead of the tournament about the gesture. 

“We always buy each other gifts ahead of these tournaments and I thought it would be really nice to buy them all an engraved whistle. So, Acme do this really cool matt black metal whistle and if you engrave it, it looks awesome. So, I asked Ben if I could pay to get them all engraved with each umpire’s initials and then ‘NWC 2019’ on the other side. He said, ‘Do you know what, I think we can take care of that.” 

Photo provided by ACME Whistles

Is it a first?

Was Stella Oyella (Uganda) the first player in Netball World Cup history to be sent from the court for the remainder of the game. Oyella had received several cautions and two minutes in the sin bin, before umpire Michelle Phippard took permanent action. The last player to be bumped for two minutes from a Netball World Cup was Temepara George back in 2003.

Stella Oyella sinks an elbow into Serena Guthrie. Image May Bailey


Northern Ireland: Caroline O’Hanlon was taken from court with concussion after a sickening fall. She took part in the opening ceremony, but will be reassessed tomorrow to see if she’s fit to play. 

Zimbabwe: GK Sharleen Makusha received an ankle injury and didn’t take any further part in the game.  

Uganda: Goal keeper Muhayimina Namuwaya left the court six minutes before the end of play to receive treatment to her right knee. She was seen icing the knee and receiving physiotherapy. 



Netball Scoop caught up with Anita Keelan, NSW Swifts assistant coach, on the way into the opening ceremony:

“I thought the Australian team looked really slick! Very fast, very strong, and very exciting actually. I think they’ll build beautifully towards the back end of the week. I thought the girls’ lack of mistakes was pretty solid. I really think Australia looks the most athletic that it’s looked, it’s come a long way since its [Commonwealth] Games team. It’s versatile, it’s young. I think they’ll do okay! It IS a team that’s been picked on form and I think Lisa’s done a great job in making those hard decisions.

 “I’m certainly part of the ‘parent group’ of the Diamonds, but I’m also really keen to keep a close eye on Helen Housby and Natalie [Haythornthwaite] in the Roses, and our gorgeous Sam Wallace in Trinidad and Tobago. Helen’s worked really hard this year in the gym, and working on getting 60 minutes out of her. I think the scary part [for Australia] is we haven’t seen the best of her yet!”



Takondwa Lwazi, Malawi Queens: “Although we lost today to New Zealand, we haven’t lost hope that next time we can win.” 


Sarah Klau, Australian Diamonds: “It was all that I could imagine. Standing there during the national anthem, I got goosebumps. It was a beautiful experience. To get that (Diamond number) 177 was pretty special.”


Dan Ryan, Coach, Netball Northern Ireland: “Even though the Diamonds were far better in all areas of the court in applying that pressure, there were things that we were doing that increased that pressure.” – 


Norma Plummer, Coach,  South Africa: “In the seventies I played against Trinidad and Tobago and they were fabulous, they’ve got such talent. So I wasn’t sure what we’d have on our hands today. But I did believe that as the game grew we’d nail it and get on top, and that’s the way it’s eventuated.”

“Our defenders played well, but they did have their hands full. Trinidad & Tobago were shooting beautifully, and Sam Wallace is an absolute gun.” 


Maryka Holzhausen, goal attack, South Africa: “I’ve had a good year off and on court, and physically and mentally I’m really prepared for this tournament.” 


Geva Mentor, goal keeper, England. 

“There were a lot of nerves in the warm up today, which we saw in the first quarter. We started well but let them back in. It was a really interesting game. All credit to Uganda – they played very well and have an unusual style to come up against. The crowd were amazing, and I think that’s why we were a bit nervous, because we were doing it for them.” 

 “Nat Haythornthwaite did everything she could to get herself right. She was able to come on today, have confidence in her body and I don’t think she missed a beat.” 


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