THANKYOU to Scoop for the amazing WC coverage

THANKYOU to Scoop for the amazing WC coverage

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I know there have been some thanks within the threads but I wanted to start a separate one.

I think sometimes people forget that this place runs on volunteers. People who have busy lives like the rest of us but put so much work into keeping this place running and the additonal work over a major tournament is immense. Added to that, paying their own way to the cup to bring it all to us

Ian for the incredible work on the forums.

Jenny Sinclair for the wonderful daily reports and input to the podcast.

Andrew Kennedy – again fantastic reports and interviews

Katrina Nissen – fantastic insightful reports

Alexia Mitchell -for the amazing podcast. I really enjoyed this and the calibre of guest was fantastic.

May Bailey for the amazing photography

I apologise if there is anyone else that I’ve forgotten. You have all done a wonderful job.


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